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When trying to download stuff you get an error message stating that the port is already open which then stops the download how do you prevent this?



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You can check and see like what or you could go to control pannel and then add or remove hardware and check and look at the stuff that's downloaded on your computer.

Answer 2:

This is caused by "some software" on your computer opening (or mapping) that particular port for communications, or the firewall preventing the opening of that port (software does not always know why it cannot map that port). You would need to find the software that is blocking that port and shut it down, or open the port in the firewall.

There is software available that explores what open ports you have, and what it is mapped to. Rather than recommend one over another please search for "port Explorer" at you favorite download or search site. Select the best software for your requirements, and use it to find what is killing that port. Please remember that opening a firewall block on a port could lead to security problems so take caution in your actions.