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I really don't think so. Considering both of you (friends, etc.) are illegal, there's really no way to become a permanent resident, unless you have a brother, sister, or parent that's a citizen or a green card holder that'll file the I-130 Petition for Alien Relatives. Sorry if that wasn't of any use.

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Q: When two illegal immigrants get married in the US can they file for their green cards afterward?
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Can illegal immigrants get ID cards in Tennessee?

No, you stupid idiot.

Why do illegal immigrants enter the US?

They enter the us with green cards or by ridding in someones car, or truck.

Do illegal immigrants need a green cards?

Well if there illegal and already in the country what is the point of getting one. To acquire a green card one needs to get it in the country in which they originated from. But yes, all immigrants should have some form of identification that shows they legally immigrated to another country, so illegal immigrants need a green card.

In the 1800's did immigrants need green cards?

Yes because if not you would be considered an illegal immigrant and you would be sent immediately back to where you came from. Green cards are for citizenship

How does INS deal with illegal immigrants?

The INS allows immigrants to attain forms to apply for citizenship, green cards, and visas. If the INS suspects the immigrant is illegal they will report this to the authorities. They also require many random screenings and have meetings with the applicants to ensure the systems success.

How can you help several illegal Mexican immigrants who desperately want to become legal citizens or get legal green cards in the United States?

If you are talking about an specific number of illegal immigrants you know personally, Well there is not much you can do. You have to be a company/corporatio n to sponsor unknown illegals. It is also almost impossible to get employment visas for uneducated, unskilled immigrants.

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Can an illegal immigrant receive welfare and not be deported?

By Law, an illegal and even a legal resident (to a certain degree) cannot receive any welfare benefits. However, some illegal immigrants can get benefits by acquiring illegal social security cards (fake numbers) or from stolen social security cards (stolen identity). On a side note, children of illegal immigrants that are born into this country are considered legal American citizens because of "Jus Soli" which means "right of the soil" (birthright) by the 14th amendment. They can receive welfare benefits and any of the privelages and rights of any American Citizen. The way you can get deported if the ICE through the police or some other entity notifies them that a person is an illegal immigrant.

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No. Scholarships in the United States are only given to those who have the proper documentation to be in the United States. People should obtain green cards if wanting scholarships.

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Is Bank of America issuing credit cards to immigrants without background checks?

Bank of America issues credit cards to people who do NOT have social security numbers or a credit history as long as they have had a checking account with them for three months without having a overdraft. That's a fancy way of saying they ARE issuing credit cards to ILLEGAL immigrants. And it's not just Bank of America! It's some other banks, too!For more information about his, check out all the links I'm leaving or do a Google search with the words "Bank of America immigrants." You'll find lots of information about this. ~Deb~

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Can illegal immigrants join the military legally?

no! you have to be a permanent resident or a united states citizen.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ incorrect.yes. illegal immigrants can apply to join any of the armed forces. that's the only way an illegal immigrant can become a U.S. legal citizen. there will be many racist people that tell you not to join...but IT IS POSSIBLE. do i know? im a marine....well not yet...but i have been accepted...and will start training this summer... No, illegal immigrants are not eligible to join any branch of service. However, non citizen legal immigrants can join but are limited to rolls as non-commissioned officers. Non citizens who serve, are eligible for a fast track to naturalization (the process to become US citizens). If an illegal immigrant is serving in the US Military they are doing so with a stolen identity or another method of fraud. This is incorrect and misleading. The USA military will allow immigrants with a green card or visa to join the military and get fast tracked to citizenship . The key words here are: visa and green card. An illegal does not have visas or green cards that is why they are called illegals. Only an immigrant that is legal (with visa) can get fast tracked.