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Volcanoes form from the exposure of lava in the Earth's mantle.


Actually this is wrong, it forms a mid oceanic ridge. Do some more research next time.

C. Actually it forms a Mid-Ocean Trench both of you do better reserch next time.

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What happens when two oceanic plates diverge?

A rift or ridge is formed.

When two oceanic plates diverge?

trenches form

Which features form when two oceanic plates diverge?

it makes a trench

What happens when two continental plates diverge?

when two continental plates diverge a volcano near those plates erupts or is created

How are divergent plates different from convergent plates?

Divergent Boundaries happen when two plates (oceanic or contental) begin to diverge, or move apart. Convergent Boundaries occur when two plates (again, oceanic or contential) begin to converge or move apart

What happens when two oceanic plates meet?

the colder,oceanic plate sinks?!?!

What happens when oceanic plates come together?

what happens when two ocean plates come together

What does it mean when tectonic plates are diverging?

When two tectonic plates are diverging, that means that they are coming apart. Depending whether or not they are oceanic plates or continental plates, the outcome will be different. If two oceanic plates diverge, a rift valley will occur in the ocean; if the same is with continental plates an rift vally will occur on the continent.

What causes two continental plates to diverge?

An earth quake. This happens because the vibrations force the plates apart

What happens if two oceanic plates collide?

earth quart

What is 2 collision of 2 oceanic plates?

an earth quake happens when two plates meet

When two geologic plates are moving away from each other what happens?

When it is two continental plates, new oceanic crust is formed, and when this continues, more oceanic crust is formed between the plates.

What are the stages of rift valley formation?

it is formed when two oceanic plates diverge away from each other, the lithosphere is pulled or torn apart :))))))))))))))))))))))))) XXXXXXXXXXDDDDDDDDDD

What happens when two plates made of oceanic crust collide?

i love mccdonalds<<?!

What happens where two oceanic plates converge?

subduction zones collide together.

What happens when two oceanic plates separate?

an deep ocean trench is formed

What occurs when two plates diverge?

A rift.

What are long cracks in earth where plates diverge?

A long crack in earth's crust where two tectonic plates diverge is called a Rift.

What happens if an oceanic to oceanic happens?

When an oceanic to oceanic happens, two oceanic plates converge and one of the plates subducts into a trench. The subducted plate sinks down into the mantle and begins to melt. Molten rock from the plate rises toward the surface and forms a chain of volcanic islands, also called a volcanic island arc, behind the trench in the ocean.

What can a divergent boundary at two oceanic plates result in?

Diverging oceanic plates create new oceanic crust.

What are the 2 oceanic plates?

There are many more than two. Plates are formed of continental and oceanic crust. Most plates are a combination of the two. Oceanic plate is not a correct term.

What are the two main types of plates?

The two main types of plates are continental plates and oceanic plates. Continental plates are larger, thicker and less dense compared to oceanic plates.

What happens when two plates carrying oceanic crust and continental crust collide?

it causes a volcano

When two continental plates diverge does a transform boundary form?


Describe what happens when two plates carrying oceanic crust collide?

Best Answer:When two plates carrying oceanic crust collide, the resultis that one goes underneath the other - probably causinga tsunami - or an underwater earthquake.

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