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In everything I've ever read/watched, once they have been killed in their bat form, they have remained dead.


NO, vampires were never bats they are just a human that that craves blood but if your a hybid vampire only bullets can kill you that's what i belive!!! and if you are interested go to Google type vampire dogs you will find a real pic.. of a vampire dog.!?.!?.!?

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Q: When vampires turn into bats fictionally and you kill them in their bat form do they turn back into their human form or just die as the bat?
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Are vampire bats the same as vampires?

No Vampire bats are real, and are bats Vampires are not real, and were human.

Debate on Vampires Are Real Are Not?

yes vampires are real, bats are vampires. but human vampires are not real

Can a bat turn you in to a vampire?

In the real world, no. In fact, human vampires donI't actually exist. In fiction literature and films, humans generally become vampires as a result of being bitten by other human vampires. Especially in films, human vampires often turn themselves into bats for ease of travel, then turn themselves back into human vampires once a destination is reached. However, even in fiction, bats don't turn humans into vampires.

Do vampires exist in this world yes or no?

Vampire bats? Yes. Human vampires? Definitely NO.

Why don't bats like human blood?

Because they aren't vampires

Do vampires and werewolfs exist?

Vampire bats are real. Human vampires and human werewolves are not real, they are just made up stories. Vampires are real, and Werewolves are real but vampires and werewolves are not and cannot be real at the same time. They are mutually exclusive realities.

Are vampires only in human form?

In movie fiction; human vampires can take the shape of bats, wolves and other creatures; all made up fiction. Although there are real vampire bats that live in Central and South America.

Did vampires live in Greece?

Vampire bats are native to South America. Human vampires are fictional. Vampires don't live, they are dead bodies. Yes there have been vampires in Greece. Consider the legends of the incubus and succubus.

How are bats associated with vampires and vampire legends?

Initially if you think about it, vampires were thought to live in castles in the middle of large untamed forests. These castles were extremely old and housed all sorts of creatures, spiders, bats, and such. And because the legends say Vampires are nocturnal, bats are as well. Also goes back to the Legend that Vampires can turn into bats.

Do vampire bats suck human blood and then turn them in to vampires?

No, vampire bats suck the blood of other animals, but they do not turn into vampires because there is no such thing as a vampire. They are mythological creatures and do not exist in reality.

What are facts vampires bats?

That's not real no vampires or vampire bats are not real...

Do vampires live aslong as vampire bats and why?

Vampires live FOREVER. Bats don't ...

What is the difference between vampires and vampire bats?

Vampires are fictional. Vampire bats are real

What do vampires like?

Vampires love blood and bats.

Can bats turn into vampires?

no because there is no such thing as a vampires

Are vampires reallllllllllllllllll?

Yes vampires are real, their bats.

Do BLood-drinking vampires actually exist?

Yes, but they are not human beings, they are a very interesting species of bats!

How did bats become part of Halloween?

Through vampires. Vampire bats are known to suck blood off of cows so people thought they were vampires in disguise. Since vampires turn into bats and vampires are part of Halloween, bats got indirectly pulled into Halloween.

How does vampires help humans?

Vampires do not exist. Only bats.

How do vampires fly?

According to legends, vampires have the ability to transform into bats so when they transform into bats they can fly.

Do real vampires have the same powers as twilight vampires?

There is no such a thing as vampires... but there is such a thing as vampire bats. And no, vampires do not have the same powers as Twilight vampires do.

Can you have vampires as pets?

Technically you could own an animal which ingests blood, such as vampire bats. You cannot however have human vampires as pets as they are a mythological belief and as yet have not been proven to exist.

What pets do vampires have?


Can vampires fly?

Well, Vampires can turn into bats and fly, but besides that, NO!

What can vampires transformed into?

Vampires can transform into bats, specifically the vampire bat.