When was Achilles shot?

Updated: 12/23/2022
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Achilles was shot in 1066

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Q: When was Achilles shot?
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How did Achilles kill?

If you mean how was he killed he was shot with an arrow in the Achilles tendon.

Who is the Greek hero who died tragically in the Trojan War?

Achilles. He was shot through the ankle, the only place where he had mortal skin. He was shot by Paris, Prince of Troy, and brother of Hector, the man Achilles killed when Hector killed Achilles' cousin, Pactroclyes(sp?). Achilles died of an infection from the shot.

How did Achilles of Sparta die?

Shot in the ankle, specifically the Achilles Tendon, with a poisoned arrow

Did Achilles die at Troy?

Yes. He died when Apollo shot him in the Achilles Tendon with an arrow.

How did Paris kill Achilles?

He shot him in the Heel

Who injured Achilles?

Achilles was injured by an arrow shot by Paris, guided by Apollo, in his heel, which was his only vulnerable spot.

In what part of the body was Achilles shot?

The small of his back I believe.

Is Achilles the headstrong runner?

No. Achilles is the man who was killed because he was shot in his weak spot the Achilles. This is his story. When Achilles was a little boy his mother wanted him to become a hero and be invulnerable. So she dipped him in the river styx. She held him by the ankle so the ankle was his weak spot. One day in battle he was shot in the ankle and was killed. That why we call it the Achilles heel of our foot.

Who started the death of Achilles?

Paris shot an arrow at him and Apollo guided it to hit Achilles at his only vulnerable spot, the heel.

What Hindu god died as Achilles did from an arrow shot into his heel?


Help how did Apollo help kill Achilles?

He shot the arrow to kill him.

What advice did Achilles give Ulysses in the underworld?

don't get shot in the foot