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He studied at the University of Hawaii from 1959 to 1962 when he moved on to Harvard on a graduate scholarship. He received his Masters in 1965 and went back to Kenya.

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Q: When was Barack Obama Sr a foreign exchange student from Kenya?
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Did Barack Obama attend Columbia on a foreign student scholarship?

Not at all. This is an internet myth. President Obama was born in Hawaii in 1961, so he attended Columbia as a natural born US citizen; he received financial aid in the form of grants and student loans, and was never considered a foreign student because he was American by birth. It was his father, Barack Obama, Sr., who was from Kenya and studied in the US as a foreign exchange student.

Who is the father of President Obama?

President Barack H. Obama, II was named after his father, Barack H. Obama, Sr. who was from Kenya and was studying in the US as a foreign exchange student when he married the President's mother, Stanley Ann Dunham. His mother was also named after her father, Stanley Armour Dunham, from Kansas.

Was Barack Obama ever a foreign exchange student?

No, there is no credible evidence of it. President Obama was born in Hawaii, spent much of his youth there, graduated from high school there, and attended American colleges (including Harvard Law School) as an American student. Sadly, there are a number of myths about the president on the internet, including some from the "Birthers," who refuse to believe that he is an American. But all of the reliable sources indicate he was never a foreign student. That said, there is sometimes some understandable confusion because of Barack Obama's father, who had the same name that the president has. It is Barack Obama Senior who was a foreign student: he came from Kenya to study at the University of Hawaii, where he met Ann Dunham (the president's mom).

Where was Barack Obama's father from?

Barack Obama, Sr. was from the Nyanza Province of Kenya and returned there after Obama was born.His 1st father was from Kenya but he died of alchohol and his 2nd dad was from IndonesiaHis father is from Kenya.

How did Barack Obama came to America?

President Obama is an American. He was born in Hawaii and that is part of the 50 states. So, he didn't "come" to America. He was already here. But if you are asking about Barack Obama's father, who had the same name as his son, Barack Senior came from Kenya, which is in Africa. He came here as an exchange student to study at the University of Hawaii.

What part of Kenya was Barack Obama born in?

Barack Obama, the president, was not born in Kenya. He was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. It was his father, Barack Obama Sr., that was born in Nyang'oma Kogelo, Kenya.

What are the sources of finance in Kenya and classify advantages and disadvantages?

taxes external borrowings foreign exchange selling of shares

Is Barack Obama Chinese?

No, he is not Chinese. He is half-black (his father was an African student from Kenya) and half-white (his mother was a white, American student and later an anthropologist). He was born in Hawaii.

What connects the president of the US to Kenya?

The current president, Barack Obama, had family descended from Kenya. His father, Barack Obama Sr. was born in Kenya.

Was President Barack Obama born in Hawaii or Kenya?

Barack Obama's dad was born in Kenya and our president was born in Hawaii

Where did Barack's mom and dad from?


Where was Barack Obama dad from?


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