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Henry VII was given such a nickname in 1485.

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Q: When was Henry VII given gangster as his nickname?
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Was Henry vii given the titledefender of the faith by the pope?

Henry VIII was.

Henry VII achievements?

Look it up don't expect given answers.

What job did Henry vii have?

Henry VII was a king of England.

Did Henry VII get a son from Catherine Howard?

Henry VII never met Catherine Howard. Catherine was the wife of Henry VIII, not Henry VII.

What year did 'Henry the VII' die?

Henry VII, Duke of Bavaria (died 1042)Henry VII, Holy Roman Emperor (died 1313)Henry VII of England (died 1509)

Who was anne Boleyn to Henry VII?

No-one to Henry VII, but wife to his son Henry VIII

Whom did Henry VII succeed?

Henry VII succeeded Richard III.

When was Henry VII of Brzeg born?

Henry VII of Brzeg was born on April 12, 1542.

Was Henry VIII the second to rule after Henry vii died?

Henry VIII was the first to rule after Henry VII.

Who was Henry VII's favorite wife?

Henry VII had only one wife.

When did Henry vii Turn prostatant?

Henry VII always remained Catholic.

When did Henry VII of Brzeg die?

Henry VII of Brzeg died in 1399.