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Madera High School was created in 1894.

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Q: When was Madera High School created?
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What is Madera High School's motto?

Madera High School's motto is 'Home of the Coyotes'.

When was Madera Unified School District created?

Madera Unified School District was created in 1966.

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La Madera was created in 1850.

When was Tocando Madera created?

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When was Madera County Courthouse created?

Madera County Courthouse was created in 1900.

How many varsity football games that madera South High School win in 2011?


When was La Virgencita de madera created?

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When was Mujer de Madera created?

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What is Madera Unified School District's motto?

Madera Unified School District's motto is 'Where the futures of children are driven by their aspirations, not bound by their circumstances.'.

When was Hunters Hill High School created?

North Hunterdon High School was created in 1951.

When was In My High School created?

In My High School was created in 2004.