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When was Poland invaded?

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It was invaded in 1939. I recently met a lady who was a little girl and saw the first shots of the war. She told me that there were airplanes that flew over, bombs dropped, and explosions. It happen in the early morning so it was still dark, but she said she stood on a hill behind her house with her parents watching this take place.

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Who invaded Poland in 1939?

Nazi Germany and the USSR invaded Poland in 1939.

What country invaded Poland after world war 2?

Germany invaded Poland.

What country invaded Poland in 1939?

Nazi Germany and the USSR invaded Poland in 1939.

What did Germany do to Poland?

Germany invaded Poland.

Which two countries invaded Poland 1939?

Germany and the soviet union invaded poland in 1939.

When did the Soviet Union invade Poland?

The Soviets invaded Poland on 17th September 1939, sixteen days after when Germany invaded Poland.

Did Hitler and the Germans invade the Soviet Union then Poland?

No, they invaded Poland before they invaded the Soviet Union.

What country invaded Poland in 1939 to begin World War 2 in Europe?

Germany invaded Poland

Did Poland want to be invaded by Germany?

Of course not. Hitler invaded Poland because he hated the poles and he wanted to kill all the Jews in Poland.

What country was invaded that started ww11?

Germany invaded Poland

Germany invaded Poland?

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Was Poland Invaded?


Who was Poland invaded by?


When did Hitler attack Poland?

Hitler invaded Poland from the West, on Sept 1st, 1939. On Sept 17, 1939the Soviets invaded Poland from the East.

Who invaded Poland?

Germany during ww2, Sweden in 1655In World War 2 Poland was invaded by Germany.

Did Hitler get land from Poland?

He invaded Poland and divided it with the USSR.

Did concentration camps exist before Hitler invaded Poland?

No, concentration camps did not exist before Hitler invaded Poland.

What countries did Stalin invade when Germany invaded Poland?

stalin attacked on one side of poland and also invaded FINLAND :)

Who invaded whom in world war 2?

Germany invaded Poland and Japan invaded China

What year did Poland is invaded by German and soviet troops?

They were invaded in 1939.

When did Germany invaded?

They invaded poland in 1939, Russia and france in 1941

What was the Soviet Union's response to the German invasion of Poland?

The Soviet Union also invaded Poland around the same time. Germany invaded Poland on September 1, 1939 from the West, and the Soviet Union invaded Poland on September 17th of the same year from the East.

When was poland invaded by the germans?


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