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When was Randy Orton in a Hell in a Cell match?


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I love randy orton

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It will obviosally be Randy orton (boo) vs Triple h (yay)

Yes 2009 PPV Called Hell In A Cell For The WWE Title Against Randy Orton .... He Lost

Yes. For example in 2009 Hell in a Cell Orton beat Cena for the title. But at Bragging Rights in an Iron Man Match, Cena took the title from Orton.

in first match randy ortonwon in 2nd match Kane won

hell no undertaker is in smackdown brand and randy orton is in raw brand

john cena well beat randy orton go to xat.com/ssbbandwwe2

Randy won the wwe title against cena by punting him in the head

Mark Henry defeated Randy Orton at the Night of Champions pay per view 2011. He pinned Randy Orton to win the title. During the next smackdown he even defeated Christian in a lumberjack match. He will be facing Randy Orton at the Hell in a cell pay per view in October 2011 in Randy's rematch for the world heavyweight championship.

the undertaker will return at survivor series - reason: his picture appears on the 2005 survivor series poster with a caption next to it saying - this is the beginning of the end. another reason is that an advert on survivor series hints the return of the undertaker. the match is said to be a buried alive match or hell in a cell. if the match was a buried alive match he most probably will lose and return at wrestlmania. if it was to be a hell in a cell he would probably win at that would be the end of orton. undertaker will probs reurn and cost orton the title against batista costing him title and carry their feud going up to wrestlemania THE UNDETAKER WILL RETURN AT SURVIVOR SERIES AND WIIL BE INA MACH WITH RANDY ORTON IN BURID ALIVE MACH OR A HELL INA CELL MACH IF HE LOSES THE BURIDE ALIVE MACH HE WILL LEVE AND RETURN AT WRESTLMANIA OR IF HE WINS THE HELL IN CELL MACH THE THAT WIIL BE THE END FOR RANDY ORTON AND ORTON WILL LEAVE THE WWE AND GO TO TNA WRESTLING.

he has by jhon cena he was trying to escape first but he was to slow.

i want batista to kick that lining hell out of randy orton i want to see special ref with triple h vs randy orton match batista randy should lose this one for pay back time

Daniel Bryan Randy Orton Edge Wade Barrett Natalya Kane

Probably because when randy orton is having a tough time with sheamus Triple H will come out then sheamus would look and then the Viper would RKO Sheamus.

orton vs sheamus winner randy orton undertaker vs Kane winner undertaker john cena vs wade barret winner john cena

There was never any divas in a hell in the cell match.

Daniel Bryan defeated Miz & Morrison - Triple Threat Submission Count Anywhere For The United States Championship Randy Orton defeated Sheamus - Hell In A Cell For The WWE Champion Edge defeated Jack Swagger - Single Match Wade Barett defeated John Cena - Single Match If Barett Wins Cena Join Nexus If Cena Win Nexus Must Disband Natalya defeated Michelle Mcool (with layla) (by dq) - Single Match For The Unified Divas Champion Kane Defeated Undertaker (with paul bearer) - Hell In A Cell Match For The World Heavyweight Champion

The Rock is set to return at Summerslam 09'! The big match is set to be Triple H, Batista and The Rock vs. Randy Orton, Ted Dibiase and Cody Rhodes (legacy). It will be settledmin a Hell in a Cell elimination match. The Undertaker will return at Summerslam to take on Edge and Jeff Hardy in a triple threat match for the WWE Heavyweight Championship>>>>>>>>>>Joey Styles

john cena vs wade barret and randy orton vs sheamus wwe championship undertaker vs Kane for the world heavyweight championship

No; Hell in a Cell follows the standard no holds barred match rules. No disqualification and no count out.

Kurt Angle won the first ever Armageddon Hell in a Cell Match.

Monday Night Raw - 27/09/10Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho ended in a No-Contest in a bid to WWE Hell in a Cell, facing WWE Champion Sheamus October 3rd.Afterwards the Viper, Randy Orton, punted Chris Jericho. This prooves Jericho will step back from the WWE for several Months, due to the Fozzy Tour and Personal Life.

yes,the undertaker lost 1 hell in a cell match against Brock Lesnar in 2002

My prediction is John cena retains WWE title Randy Orton defeats mark Henry for world heavyweight title Christian defeats sheamus

Most likely it would be a huge selling point for WWE.O I Posted This I Found out right now on monday night raw as I'm Typing It's Randy Orton VS. John Cena For The WWE Championship!!

Randy Orton will not leave WWE because his grandfather and father are a hall of famer in WWE.Orton may not leave WWE because Randy Orton is being used in WWE very well. There is no chance in hell that Randy Orton will leave. He's only 30 years old, he's a third generation wrestler, and a future hall of famer with out a shadow of a doubt. He wont be leaving any time soon.

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