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Seeger Memorial Junior-Senior High School was created in 1957.


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No. Here is the family history. No relation.Seeger familyCharles Seeger (1886 - 1979), American musicologist, composer, and teacher;(i) Constance Edson Seeger, violinist; first wife of Charles; 3 children ::* Charles Seeger III, (1912-2002) astronomer John Seeger, (b. 1914), high school principal and co-founder of Camp Killooleet, a summer camp in VermontPete Seeger (b. 1919), one of the pre-eminent American folk and protest singers of the 20th century:::* Mika Seeger American ceramic artist; daughter of Pete ::::* Tao Rodríguez-Seeger (b. 1972), a contemporary American folk musician; son of Mika (ii) Ruth Crawford Seeger (1901 - 1953), a modernist composer and an American folk music specialist; second wife of Charles; 4 children ::* Mike Seeger (b. 1933), American folk musician and folklorist Peggy Seeger (b. 1935), American folk singer; wife of English folk singer Ewan MacColl and stepmother of singer Kirsty MacCollBarbara Seeger, appeared on Animal Songs for Children (1992) with Mike Seeger and othersPenny Seeger, married John CohenAlan Seeger (1888 - 1916), American poet; brother of CharlesElizabeth Seeger (1889 - 1973), teacher at Dalton School and author; sister of Charles and Alan

Alan Seeger was born in 1888.

Alan Seeger died in 1916.

Louis Seeger died in 1865.

Louis Seeger was born in 1798.

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Stefan Seeger was born in 1962.

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Bernhard Seeger was born in Rolau, in Germany.

The Elizabeth Seeger School that opened in 1971 no longer exists. Its first site was in a brownstone building on West 12th Street between 7th Avenue and 6th Avenue in a building owned by City and Country School. It later moved to two other sites, but closed in the 1980s.

Pete Seeger was born on May 3, 1919.

Hi I am Pete Seeger I am still alive

Melanie Seeger was born on January 8, 1977.

Al Seeger was born on 1980-01-23.

Günther Seeger was born on 1918-09-09.

Charles Seeger was born on 1886-12-14.

Charles Seeger died on 1979-02-07.

Ruth Crawford Seeger was born in 1901.

Ruth Crawford Seeger died in 1953.

Bernhard Seeger has written: 'Der Harmonikaspieler' 'Menschenwege'

Katrin Seeger has written: 'Fabrication of silicon nanostructures'

Hal Seeger's birth name is Harold Seeger.

Mike Seeger's birth name is Michael Seeger.

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