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When was Serbia founded?

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One of the first Serbian settlements, Raška, was founded in the first half of the 12th century by the House of Vlastimirović which eventually became the Serbian Kingdom and then the Serbian Empire, which was ruled by the House of Nemanjić.

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The oldest theater in Serbia? Knjaževsko-srpski teatar is the oldest theatre in Central Serbia. It is based in City of Kragujevac, the fourth largest city of Serbia. The theatre was founded in 1835 by Miloš Obrenović, Prince of Serbia. In the time when theatre was founded, Kragujevac was first capital of the Principality of Serbia.

Who discovered Serbia?

The first settlements in Serbia were founded around 12000-6000 B.C. That means that Serbia was one of the first nations ever settled (although back then there were no real nations). So Serbia was never discovered. It was simply there for as long as humans can remember.

When was Serbia founded and why did Serbia fall?

A republic of southeast Europe on the northern Balkan peninsula. Serbs settled the region in the 6th century and formed an independent kingdom in the 10th century. Dominated by the Ottoman Empire after 1459, Serbia did not regain its independence until 1804.

Did Turkey once rule most of Serbia?

The Ottoman Empire (often called the Turkish Empire since it was ruled by Turks) once ruled all of Serbia, but the current Republic of Turkey (founded in 1923) never has.

When was the football club 'FK Partizan' founded?

The football club FK Partizan was founded on October 4, 1945. FK Partizan is also known as Partizan Belgrade or just Partizan and is based in Belgrade, Serbia.

What is the captital of Serbia?

The capital of Serbia is Belgrade, but in Serbia they say Beograd.

Did Yugoslavia turn into Serbia or did Serbia turn into Yugoslavia?

yougoslavia turned into serbia.

What was the case of kosovo?

Serbia fight Albania. Serbia win, Kosovo is Serbia.

What continent is Serbia in?

Serbia is in Europe

What is the Government of Serbia?

Serbia is a Democracy.

Is there a coastline in Serbia?

No, Serbia does not have a coast.

How did Serbia get the name Serbia?

Serbia got its name after Serbs, the nation that founded it. It is not known how Serbs got their name.It is also mentioned in history that Ships from Roman Empire have droped their slaves at today's Montenegrin sea coast and they moved up to the land known as Serbia (Srbija) today. They called their slaves "Serv" (as servant for individual) and the region picked up a name as "Servia" wich eventualy became as Serb and Serbia and in slavic languages that would become Srbi as for people and land as Srbija. Prior to that, land was known as being empty and belonging to nobody.

Which country committed to helping Serbia when it rebelled?

Russia helped Serbia when Serbia had rebelled

What type of government does Serbia have?

Serbia is a Democracy.

What country is belgrade the capital of?


What peninsula is by Serbia?

Serbia is on balkan peninsula.

Is Serbia a counrty?

Yes, Serbia is a country.

When does it snow in Serbia?

It snows in winter in Serbia.

What is Serbia formally known as?

Republic of Serbia

Is Serbia in shchengen?

NO! Serbia is a country in Europe!

Which country is reacher Bulgaria or Serbia?


What is Serbia called today?

The Republic of Serbia.

Does it snow in Serbia?

It snows in winter in Serbia.

What is the biggest lake in Serbia?

The biggest lake in Serbia is Djerdap lake (on the east side of Serbia).

Why did Austria declare war on Serbia?

Austria declared war on Serbia because they were afraid of the Serbs joining Serbia so they were looking for an excuse to crush Serbia.