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Vietnam Veterans Against the War was created in 1967.

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Q: When was Vietnam Veterans Against the War created?
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When was Iraq Veterans Against the War created?

Iraq Veterans Against the War was created in 2004.

When was American Writers Against the Vietnam War created?

American Writers Against the Vietnam War was created in 1965.

What effects did the Vietnam war have on Vietnam veterans and their families?


What was the VVAA?

Guessing you may be asking about the VVAW, it was the Vietnam Veterans Against the War - a protest group active in Washington, D.C. anti-war protests. That organization loosely evolved into today's VVA - Vietnam Veterans of America.

Which labeled memorial honors war veterans?

vietnam veterans memorial

Is there scholarship benefits for Korean war grandchildren?

Contact the Veterans Administration (VA) or any of the following Veterans Groups: 1. AMVETS (American Veterans-created in 1944 by WW2 veterans) 2. VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars-created in 1899 by Spanish-American War veterans) 3. AMERICAN LEGION (created in 1919 by WW1 veterans) 4. VVA (Vietnam Veterans of America-created in 1979 by Viet War Vets)

Is there info on Vietnam veterans?

VFW-Veterans of Foreign Wars, founded by Spanish-American War of 1898 veterans in 1899. American Legion-founded by WWI veterans in 1919. AMVETS-American Veterans, founded by WWII veterans in 1944. VVA-Vietnam Veterans of America, founded by Vietnam War veterans in 1978.

What year did Vietnam veterans have their welcome home parade?

the Vietnam war veterans welcom home parade was in 1987.

How did the homefront perceive World War 2 and Vietnam?

WWII veterans were heros; Vietnam veterans were treated with contempt.

What was one reason for the creation of the vietnam veterans memorial?

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial was created to honor those who served in the Vietnam war. The memorial is made of the famed Wall of names, and a statue of three unidentifiable men, as well as a memorial dedicated to the women of the war.

What is history of the the wall for the Vietnam war?

See website: Vietnam Veterans Memoria Wall See website: Vietnam Veterans Memoria Wall

How many Vietnam War veterans are currently alive?

See: Statistics about the Vietnam War

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