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Vietnam Veterans Against the War was created in 1967.

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Iraq Veterans Against the War was created in 2004.

American Writers Against the Vietnam War was created in 1965.

Guessing you may be asking about the VVAW, it was the Vietnam Veterans Against the War - a protest group active in Washington, D.C. anti-war protests. That organization loosely evolved into today's VVA - Vietnam Veterans of America.

VFW-Veterans of Foreign Wars, founded by Spanish-American War of 1898 veterans in 1899. American Legion-founded by WWI veterans in 1919. AMVETS-American Veterans, founded by WWII veterans in 1944. VVA-Vietnam Veterans of America, founded by Vietnam War veterans in 1978.

Contact the Veterans Administration (VA) or any of the following Veterans Groups: 1. AMVETS (American Veterans-created in 1944 by WW2 veterans) 2. VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars-created in 1899 by Spanish-American War veterans) 3. AMERICAN LEGION (created in 1919 by WW1 veterans) 4. VVA (Vietnam Veterans of America-created in 1979 by Viet War Vets)

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial was created to honor those who served in the Vietnam war. The memorial is made of the famed Wall of names, and a statue of three unidentifiable men, as well as a memorial dedicated to the women of the war.

WWII veterans were heros; Vietnam veterans were treated with contempt.

the Vietnam war veterans welcom home parade was in 1987.

See website: Vietnam Veterans Memoria Wall See website: Vietnam Veterans Memoria Wall

See: Statistics about the Vietnam War

Well this is what I'm trying to find out. Well as the Vietnam war was based in Vietnam, there was no destruction on American soil. Also as many Americans were against the Vietnam war, Vietnam veterans of America wre socially excluded for years after the war. After the war there was a mass emigration from Vietnam to mainly the United States hope this helps

World War Veterans was created in 1919.

Catholic War Veterans was created in 1935.

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is in Washington, D.C.

A list of deceased Vietnam War veterans in the US can be found on the Vietnam Veteran's memorial. You can also find this type of list by contacting the VA in your area.

Yes, Viet Vets were discriminated against...even by WWII veterans; in fact Vietnam veterans were discouraged (if not flat out barred) from joining American Veterans Organizations. All of this changed on or about 1974 (mid 70's) when the US Government passed a non-discrimination law protecting Vietnam Veterans.

An estimate of the total suicide deaths of veterans of the Vietnam War is about 9,000. Studies show that in the first five years after returning from the war, veterans were 1.7 times more likely to commit suicide than non-Vietnam veterans.

Richard Nixon was against the Vietnam War!

They constructed the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

See website: Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall

Treatment of Returning VeteransWW2 veterans were respected by the public, Vietnam veterans and were looked down upon by the public, mostly because the media was where it shouldn't have been. Untill several years latter of course, now the veterans of Vietnam are respected as well WW2 Veterans were greated with parades. Vietnam Veterans as well as Vietnam Era Veterans were spat at and called 'baby killers'.

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