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When was a Springfield 120A single shot 22 bolt action made and what is it worth?


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I can't locate this particular model, but Stevens/Savage dropped the Springfield line in 1948.


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The value of a Springfield Savage Arms 22 long single shot model 120A depends on its condition. As of 2014, this gun in excellent condition is valued between 90.00 and 120.00.

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I got mine about 1948. It was given to me in San Jose, CA. (used) by my uncle. I'm looking for a stock for this same rifle.

The Springfield .22 rimfire rifle model 120a ranges in value from $30 for a poor condition parts only gun to $150 for 95% condition. This rifle and similar models sell routinely for $80 - $100 USD in working condition from pawn shops and gun stores carrying used weapons.

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1960's-1970's. If it has a serial number it is post-1968. sales@countrygunsmith.net

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While I don't know the specific reason an "A" suffix was affixed to the Mod.120 it generally is indicative of a modification to the original model.I own one,it was first rifle ,but I don't know what the change was ,if I can find out, I will let you know.Shootrj2003 the a just means that they modified somethong on the 120 model look up both and look for a difference Rust612000

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