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I can't locate this particular model, but Stevens/Savage dropped the Springfield line in 1948.

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Q: When was a Springfield 120A single shot 22 bolt action made and what is it worth?
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Value of of springfield salvage arms 22 long single shot model 120A?

The value of a Springfield Savage Arms 22 long single shot model 120A depends on its condition. As of 2014, this gun in excellent condition is valued between 90.00 and 120.00.

Where can you order parts for the Springfield 120A?

What is a springfield model 120a?

what will the gun coast today.

Savage Arms Springfield 22 cal single shot bolt action model 120A what year was it made?

I got mine about 1948. It was given to me in San Jose, CA. (used) by my uncle. I'm looking for a stock for this same rifle.

What is a Springfield 22 rifle model 120a worth?

The Springfield .22 rimfire rifle model 120a ranges in value from $30 for a poor condition parts only gun to $150 for 95% condition. This rifle and similar models sell routinely for $80 - $100 USD in working condition from pawn shops and gun stores carrying used weapons.

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Who invented the dsl-120a?

Springfield model 120A single shot 22 bolt action bought in 1962 from Montgomery Wards it was made in Westfield Mass Will it hurt to cut off 2 inches of the barrel?

It will hurt the muzzle velocity by at least 200 feet per second (FPS). The original front sight will also have to be remounted and the value of the rifle, which isn't a great deal, will be diminished.

What is the age of a Springfield Savage Arms Model 120A?

1960's-1970's. If it has a serial number it is post-1968.

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Value of of springfield salvage arms 22 long single shot model 120A?

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