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When was conscription implemented in World War 2?

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The dates of introduction varied from country to country. Germany reintroduced conscription in 1935 and Britain in April 1939, for example. Some countries, such as France, had conscription throughout the inter-war period.

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What did Australians think about the conscription and censorship in World War 2?

Australian's supported and implemented both conscription and censorship during WWII. They believed it was important in order to win the war.

How was conscription different in World War 2 than it was in World War 1?

Conscription in World War 2 began before the United States entered the conflict

Compulsory conscription Britain World war 1?

The Compulsory conscription was ordered by Hitler in the World War 2, that was against the Treaty of Versailles

What wars did they use conscription draft?

World war 1 and world war 2.

Why did the conscription happen in World War 2?

because i fatered

In World War 2 when conscription started what age was the age you had to go to war?

In Britain it was sixteen.

When did conscription end in Britain after world war 2?

It officially ended in 1960.

How did the RAF recruit in World War 2?

Through a combination of volunteers and conscription.

How did America raise troops during World War 2?

Conscription - same as Viet Nam war.

Were Germans forced to fight in World War 2?

In World War 2 all the combattant countries had conscription (the draft, compulsory military service).

How was conscription used in World War 2?

Most nations involved in World War used conscription, i.e. compulsory military service - the draft. This had been used in WW1 too (and earlier in many countries).

How did the government censor the media during World War 2?

Conscription..... which means men were forced to go to war?!

Why was conscription necessary during World War 2 for Canada?

Canada was a British Territory and all British Territories were subject to conscription into their own army.

Why was conscription introduced in World War 2 when the majority of people opposed it in World War 1?

The main reason that conscription was introduced in World War 2 was mostly because of how many soldiers died in WW2. Also, people realized that Hitler was committing mass genocide. The seven million innocent Jewish people that Hitler killed, were more than enough to silence those who disagreed with conscription.

Were implemented during World War 2 as a source of revenue to help fund the war?

War bonds were implemented during World War II as a source of revenue. Most Americans purchased war bonds as a show of support for the war effort.

Morse code used in world war 2?

It was implemented constantly in WWII.

What was the conscription issue for World War 2?

One issue that persisted in the US was why get involved in Europe's wars.

How did conscription in World War 2 affect Canadian farmers?

all of the canadians land was destroyed and bombed

Was Belfast Ireland in World War 2?

Belfast is in Northern Ireland, which, as it is part of the UK, was in World War 2.Northern Ireland did not, however, have conscription, even though Great Britain did.

What are the similarities and differences of conscription in Canada during World War I and 2?

French Canadians were against the idea of conscription in both world war 1 and 2. There were more volunteers during world war 1 than WW2 so the debate of conscription was not as heated during that time. Near the end of WW2, conscripts in BC refused to go and held riots protesting Mackenzie King's decision of ensuing conscription. During WW1, Prime Minister Borden promised there would be no conscription and as well in WW2 Mackenzie King had also made that promise. Both conscription debates were revolved around the shortage of soldiers over seas. The issue of conscription divided the nation during WW1 and WW2.

What are similarities and differences in conscription in World War 1 and 2?

Conscription in which country? I know in Canada it was a bit of a...touchy issue at the time. So yeah, if you could specify that would be great.

Who was ernest lapointe and was his view on conscription in World War 2?

Lapointe persuade Quebec people that Canada joining the war was mandatory. He also said that conscription being forced will cause all Liberal support from Quebec to be gone.

What were the pros and cons of conscription for Canada in World War 2?

pro of conscription-support the allies with more soldiers. con of conscription-ripped up the relations of English Canadians and the French Canadians. English wanted conscription, the French did not. Pros Volunterring overseas were slowing down by 1944. More people were needed to fullfill the Canadian troop commitment French Canadians denied to participate in the world war

How was the opposition to conscription in Australia different in World Wars 1 and 2?

WW1: However, there was opposition to conscription. Conscription became a big issue in war time. There was opposition to the compulsory military service, the most question asked was should Australians be forced to fight overseas.

Why was the M1 Garand not fully implemented into the US Armed Forces By the end of World War 2?


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