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The first use as a adjective was in 1962, several sources, including the including Merriam Webster

Webster says, the first use as a noun (multimedia as in 'combining several kinds of media') was in 1950.

Wikipedia says the term was coined in 1966

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Q: When was multimedia first used in the world?
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Text is used in multimedia projects?

Modern TV advertisements are an example of Multimedia. The definition of Multimedia I know is anything which combines Sound, Vision, Movement, and Colour can be called Multimedia and Text is used in Multimedia to explain the Vision and Colour part.

How multimedia can be used as entertainment?

Multimedia can be used as entertainment plenty of ways. It is not possible to to list all uses than provide good time. Let's start with two examples out of the zillions enjoyable multimedia. First the word multimedia itself is the base for a well known entertainment consisting of finding every possible word you can write with all the letters of "multimedia", like m.u.d. or i.t. or m.e. Second, DVD are multimedia and can be used as Frisbees (registered trademark).

What part of speech is multimedia?

Multimedia can be used as a noun and an adjective.

Which is the first computing technology used by a processor to support repetitive looping?

MMX - Multimedia Extensions

What is multimedia used for in Linux?

Multimedia has the same purpose in Linux as it does in Windows or Mac OS X. Multimedia is commonly used for entertainment, but also for educational / instructional purposes.

Describes the roles of graphics in multimedia?

The role of the graphics card in multimedia is that it holds information of multimedia on it and when it is later used it is easier to show multimedia after having it saved on a graphics card.

What are different types of multimedia tools used in a classroom?

Computers are one type of multimedia tools used in classroom instruction.

Where to use multimedia?

Multimedia is mostly used for delivering video lecture to the students. Mostly in Universities for Presentation purpose it is used.

What is a multimedia player used for?

A multimedia player usually refers to a drive in a computer. It is used for playing different formats of media, such as CD's and DVD's. Most newer computer come with a multimedia player.

Is Microsoft office a multimedia aid?

I would not call the MS suite a Multimedia aid although the programs could be used to generate multimedia content.

What decade did multimedia first emerge?

Multimedia first emerge around the 1980s when desktop computers became prevalent in businesses, schools, and homes.

What are the key differences between first-and second generation cellular system?

the first used the analog signal but secund used the degital signal becuse multimedia application

What is Multimedia used for?

Multimedia is used for designing a websites etc. Multimedia files like: .jpg , .GIF , .PNG - Image files .mp3 - Audio Files .avi , FLV , .mkv - Video Files

What songs are on Justin Bieber's my world album?

My World 1.0 One Time Favorite Girl Down to Earth Bigger One Less Lonely Girl First Dance Love Me One Less Lonely Girl (multimedia) One Time (multimedia)

How and why is multimedia used in entertainment and leisure?

Multimedia Files is a GUI - Graphical user interface or its used to design like websites etc or it is a source of entertainment .jpg .png .mp3 .avi All of these multimedia files.

What are the multimedia hardware?

Hardware is anything which can be touched. Multimedia hardware these are hardware which used multimedia function, for example music player,video player and so much more.

What is multimedia. explain memory and storage devices in multimedia hardware?

Multimedia includes a variety of things, including text, audio, animation, and videos. Storage devices can be used in computers and can display many types of multimedia.

Which port is used for high speed multimedia devices?

You can use the FireWire port for high-speed multimedia devices.

What has the author Robert Burnett written?

Robert Burnett has written: 'Web Theory' -- subject(s): Internet, Social aspects, Social aspects of Internet, Social aspects of World Wide Web, World Wide Web 'Perspectives on multimedia' -- subject(s): Interactive multimedia, Multimedia communications, Multimedia systems

What is the difference between multimedia and multimedia system?

Since Multimedia technology and multimedia system are complementary part of each other ,so the difference between them is not so crucial. But one can pinpoint following differences: 1. Multimedia technology is computer based interactive applications having multiple media elements such as audio,video,text,image etc whereas multimedia system is the system that processes multimedia data and applications. 2. Multimedia system implements multimedia technologies and in turn it is used for enhancing multimedia technology whereas multimedia technology manages both the hardware and software to create and run multimedia system

How multimedia used in the fields of advertising?

Multimedia (television and film, for example) targets multiple senses in consumers to deliver a message.

What is the diffenrence between hyper multimedia to multimedia?

1. Define the common term in multimedia such as multimedia, interactive multimedia and hypermedia.

How multimedia can be used for fashion industry?

. "The Online Great Migration" -NY Times People all around the world have migrated to the Internet. Fashion has also migrated to the Internet. Social Networking sites have taken over our lives. They are a New Way of Communication. SOCIAL Online Fashion Magazine Videos Magazine Photo shoots Multimedia is used to develop ideas into finished products to great corporations and fashion industries. Multimedia Reigns Andrea Tramontan "Fresh Trash" A Much Greater Audience Andrea Tramontan has been influenced by the multimedia that runs our world. She created her Fashion line "Fresh Trash" with the inspiration of technology and multimedia such as our phones and computers. Multimedia has given everyone the opportunity to increase their promotion to the public. Found Everywhere Promotion

What is multimedia presentation?

A multimedia Presentation is a presentation that uses multimedia

Examples of multimedia applications?

Multimedia applications help to play multimedia files. These multimedia applications are examples of software too.