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How Stuff Works. "How Biological and Chemical Warfare Works." 2002. <>(10 January 2003). Roman Legions regularly used burning sulphur (SO2, SO3, H2S, H2SO4(in rain/fog) to at least irritate, incapacitate, or at best, kill enemies in immobile situations; fortified towns, settlements against geographic barriers; islands, cliffs, bodies of water, etc. Opinions differ as to whether the Legions developed poison gas themselves, or if their own survivors/allies reported how to use it after hard experience. Similarly, opinions differ about the logistics and practicality of raw sulphur transport, and the (un)liklihood of a somewhat bulky(and nasty)materiel being cheerfully carried by a notoriously lightly-packed Legionnaire. It is possible that free, native, naturally-occurring sulphur deposits were scouted, as would have been other staples, like water, wood, game, etc., and if present, utilized, from a point upwind any immovable objective.

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Q: When was poison gas first made?
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Who made poison gas in ww1?

Germany made poison gas and was the first to use it.

Who made poison gas during World War 1?

Steinkopf and Lommel made poison gas

Poison gas World War I?

Indeed it was the first military use of poison gas.

Who made poison gas?

It was the Germans and it was Chlorine Gas

Who used poison gas first in World War 1?

1. Irritant poison gas (tear gas) was first used by the French in August 1914. 2. Lethal poison gas (chlorine) was first used by Germany in April 1915 at Ypres.

What was the bomb dropped on Nagasaki made of?

the bombs were made of poison gas which killed peaople in minuites The bomb was made from poison gas which killed people in seconds

What country first used poison gas in world war 1what country first used tank?

Germany was the first to use poison gas - chlorine gas was the specific gas used. Britain was the first to employ the tank in combat.

Who used poison gases for the first time in ww1?

Germany was the first country to use poison gas

Who releases gas in World War 1?

Poison gas is brought into WWI by the Germans. Both sides used gas, although the Germans were the first to use poison gas

Who didn't use poison gas in world war 1?

In the beginning of the war, only the Axis used poison gas (mustard gas was the first kind to be used), but by the end of the war, both sides used poison gas as a weapon.

Who were the first to use poison gas in warfare?


Which poison gas was used first in war?


During which famous World War 1 battle did the 1st Canadian Division face the worlds first poison gas attack?

Poison gas was first used during this battle

How did the poison gas kill you?

the gas would enter your lungs and liquidise in there which effectivley made you drown.

Who used poison gas in the first war?

Both sides, but the Germans started it.

What was the first use of poison in fog smoke etc?

Poison gas was first used by the Germans at Second Battle of Ypres during the First World War.

Was gas used in the crimean war?

No. Poison gas was first used in World War 1.

Who invented poison gas?

Chlorine gas was first used as a war weapon in 1915- by the German Army.

Why is poison gas the most significant weapon in modern history?

the poison gas was used because it makes people suffer first then die. it also doesn't leave a fingerprint

What did poison gas do?

Poison gas and blistered your skin and burned your eyes and that is the reason they wore gas masks

What is the use of poison gas?

to poison stuff

When was the first use of poison gas?

April 22. 1915 at Ypres, Belgium

In which battle did the German forces first use poison gas?

Battle of Somme

First used poison gas was the allies or cnetral powers?

I said so

Is poison gas still used today?

poison gas is no longer allowed in warfare.