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i have no idea? i know that thales was the first to discover static electricity.

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Who discovered electricity not static electricity?

Albert Edison is the one who discovered electricity.

How was electricity invetend?

Thales of miletus conducted first experiments on static electricity.Then we can say that it was he how discovered electricity

What is the root word of electricity?

The Greek word elektron means "amber." Static electricity was first discovered by rubbing amber.

Who discovered static electricity and how?

It has been found that thomas r becket has been the discoverer of not only static electricity but also electricity.

What year was electricty discovered?

Ancient Greeks discovered static electricity in 600 B.C. Thomas Browne was the first to use the word electricity. Benjamin Franklin did experiments to prove that lightning was electricity.

Who discovered how to make static electricity?

The effects of static electricity were first discovered by the Greeks. In the sixth century BC the Greek philosopher Thales found that amber, when rubbed with fur, could attract little pieces of dry straw.

How was static electricity discovered?

William Gilbert was bored and decided to invent something new. He found cords and stuff and invented static electricity

Who discovered static electricity?

The ancient Greeks. But a better answer is Michael Faraday.

What is constrast static electricity?

Static Electricity is Static Electricity, "Compare and 'Contrast static electricity' and current electricity" is a relevant question.

Can you convert electricity to static electricity?

static electricity is electricity.

How did thales discover electricity?

Thales discovered static electricity by rubbing a peice of amber against a silk cloth.

What year was electricity created?

Electricity has always existed. No one invented or created it. And since people have known about lightning and static electricity since time immemorial, it would be hard to say when it was first discovered.

Why can static electricity not be used to run a television?

static electricity is static electricity

What year was electricity discovered exactly?

In 600 B.C ,the Ancient Greeks discovered that rubbing fur on amber caused an attraction between the two and so what the Greeks discovered was static electricity.

Is static electricity not really static?

Static electricity is static. It's just shortened.

What are interesting about static electricity?

static electricity can be called high voltage static electricity can be called high voltage static electricity can bend water

Where was electricity first used?

The Greeks first discovered static electricity about 2,000 years ago and used it to make compasses for navigating. There were some clay pot batteries discovered in Baghdad, Iraq; that date back about 2000 years also. They have not been able to figure out what the batteries were used for.

Which is a characteristic of static electricity?

Which is a characteristic of static electricity

What does static electricity constitute?

Static electricity constitutes of charges that are static i.e. they do not move.

What is useful about static electricity?

You can move things with static electricity!

How do you use static electricity?

everything electronic is static electricity

How does humidity effect static electricity?

The more humidity the less static electricity. The less humidity the more static electricity.

Did Ancient Greece have electricity?

No they did not have electricity. Electricity was first discovered in the 18th century

Is static electricity dangerous?

Yes, static electricity is dangerous if it is sufficiently large.For example, lightning is a form of static electricity.A tv is also a static charge.

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