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Battle of the Alamo

When was the Alamo established?

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What date was the Alamo established?

what date and year was the Alamo established

Who established the Alamo?

the Indians

Why was the Alamo established?

It was built as a frontier mission settlement.

What year was the Alamo established?

The Alamo church built after 1724 as part of a Spanish mission in San Antonio, Texas, and converted to a fort in 1793.

Is the Mexican war the Alamo?

The Alamo was fought during the War of Texas Independence in 1836. It established the Republic of Texas as a separate nation. The Mexican War was was fought after Texas had become part of the United States from 1846 to 1848.


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Is the battle of Alamo and fall of Alamo the same?

yes the fall of the Alamo and the battle of the Alamo are the same

Where was the Alamo fought?

In Texas... At the Alamo...

What is a Alamo tree?

"Alamo" is Spanish for "cottonwood." So, an Alamo tree is a cottonwood tree.

Who was bornin the Alamo near the southwest corner of the compound?

in the alamo was born by the alamo in the southwest

Where was the Battle of the Alamo held?

The Battle of the Alamo was held at the Alamo, which is in San Antonio, Texas.

Texas patriots were defeated at this mission?

Indians. NEW RESPONDENT Alamo.

Where is the Alamo Branch Library in Alamo located?

The address of the Alamo Branch Library is: 100 S First W, Alamo, 89001 0239

What is the Address of the Alamo?

300 Alamo Plaza

In which state is the Alamo located?

The Alamo is in Texas.

Was their a church in the Alamo?

i think that the Alamo is the church.

Why was there a fight at the Alamo?

they fought in the Alamo for Independence

Where in Dallas is The Alamo?

The Alamo is in San Antonio.

What is the famous slogan from the Alamo?

Remember the Alamo

What events surrounded the Alamo?

the battle of the alamo

How did Sam Houston escape the Alamo?

He was not at the Alamo.

What was the name of the war at the Alamo?

The Battle of the Alamo.

Where in San Antonio Texas is the Alamo located?

The Alamo is in Alamo Plaza, Downtown San Antonio.

What did the Alamo stands for?

Alamo is the Spanish word for cottonwood. It is thought that there were cottonwood trees next to the Alamo.

When was the Alamo rebuilt?

The Alamo has been reconstructed but not rebuilt. People plan on rebuilding the Alamo though.

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