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January 1st, 1776. Where? Located at Prospect Hill Avenue and Munroe Street, Prospect Hill Castle is important to Somerville's, Massachusetts history. On January 1, 1776, General George Washington ordered that a new flag be raised on a 76-foot schooner mast placed on Prospect Hill. Representing the 13 united colonies during the Revolutionary War, this was the first true "American" flag flown in [what is now] the United States. The tower that now stands atop Prospect Hill was erected in 1902, and remains one of Somerville's oldest and greatest landmarks. Every year on January 1, the historic flag raising is recreated at the Prospect Hill Tower, commemorating the great historical value of one Someville's most treasured locations.

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When was the first time the American flag got flown?

the 1699

When was the American flag first carried in battle?

The American Flag was first Flown in combat was Fort Stamwix, Rome NY 1776

What is the appropriate height to fly the American Flag on a flagpole?

There is not a set height that the American Flag needs to be flown at, but it does need to be flown at the top of the flagpole. If other flags, such as State or POW/MIA, are flown around the American flag then the American flag needs to be flown above the other flags.

What year was the Australian flag first flown?

Australia's flag was first flown in 1901. Specifically, it was first flown on 3 September 1901.

Where was the eureka flag first flown?

The Eureka flag was first flown in Ballarat on Bakery hill

What flag can fly above the US flag?

No flag can be flown the American flag when on American soil.

Can the American flag be flown at night?


Is Mississippi state flag is flown above the US flag?

NO. as approved by congress "NO STATE FLAG" shall be flown above the American Flag.

When was Australia's first flag flown?

Australia's national flag was first flown on 3 September 1901. However, this was not the first flag to fly in Australia. The first flag flown on Australian soil was the British flag, when the First Fleet arrived on 26 January 1788.

When and where was the first American flag with 50 stars on it flown?

Robert G Heft

Can the American flag be flown in rainy weather?

You can but it's not good for the flag. The unofficial flag etiquette says that flags should not be flown in the rain.

When was the Olympics flag first flown?

when was the olympic flag first made

When the American flag is flown upside down it's a signal of what?

Any flag flown upside down is a signal of distress.

When was the South African flag first flown?

When was the South African falg first flown?

When the American flag was flown next to the other countries flag what was the height of the American flag?

It would depend on the height of the flagpole.

When and where was the olympic flag first flown?

First created byBaron Pierrre in 1914 and, was first flown in 1920.

Can us flag and state flag be hung together?

The American Flag should always be flown higher than the state flag and should be flown a half-mast when in peril or in rememberance.

When was the Aboriginal flag first flown?

in 1903

Where was the aboriginal flag first flown?


Is the American flag supposed to be flown higher than other flags?

This will all depend on which flag is flying alongside or below the American flag. If being flown with flags of other nations, they should all be raised to the same height and are never to be flown on the same pole. If being flown with a state, city or organizational flag, the US flag will fly above the other flag in a larger size. On most standard sized flagpoles, the American flag will be a 3'x5' flag and the other flag will be a 2'x3' flag. If the US flag is flying along a different flag on separate flagpoles, the flags can be of equal height but the US flag will then need to fly on the extreme left of the other flags. This left side is known to be a prominent flag. When flown with flagpoles displaying non-national flags, the American flag will be raised first and lowered last. There is a link below.

What side on a boat would an American flag be flown?


Why is the American flag not flown at night?

It can be as long as there is a spotlight shining on it.

What kind of weather should the American flag not be flown in?

The United States flag can be flown in all kinds of weather. But, this is only possible when the flag is made of a weather-proof material.

What are rules for flying American flag together with a military flag?

The American Flag is to always be flown ABOVE any other flags around it.

When was the first Olympic flag flown?

the first time we had the olympics

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