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I really dont know for sure but I have an Antique Iron Bed that is amazing, very old, and has Art Bed Company and Chicago stamped on a rail. I would guess this bed is from the late 1800's to early 1900's. Gayle

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Why are beds called rice beds?

Rice beds are where the rice grow. so its kind of like how you sleep in a bed they grow in a bed. I guess.FART!

What are the different types of hotel beds?

There are usually three kinds of bed in a hotel: a single bed, a double bed and twin beds.

What is plural of bed?

1 bed

What is the plural of bed?


How many beds in a cabin at oquaga national creek park?

There are 3 beds. There is 2 single beds and 1 double bed. There is a bunk bed and a bed to the side. The double bed is on the bottom bunk. Then the singles, one is on the top bunk and the other is on the bed to the side.

What was so disgusting about the beds in the tenements?

were there bed bugs in the beds of the tenements

Are bed beds deadly?


Who created beds?

jhon bed

Size of double bed?

Double beds are the same size as full beds.

Why do beds have an underneath?

It depends on the bed, but most beds have springs under its mattresses.

What is the plural word for bed?

The plural form for the noun 'bed' is 'beds'.

What has a bed and does not sleep?

"Flowers" have a bed (they are planted in flower beds) and they do not sleep.

Is a bed is uncountable noun?

No, the noun 'bed' is a countable noun, the plural form is beds. Example: We bought two beds for the boys' room.

Is it ok to use granite to build garden beds?

Yes, it is okay. If you use wood when building a garden bed, you have to watch it because it may rot.

Can you buy a bed that converts from a Queen bed to two Single Beds?

Yes, you can!

What are slug-a-beds?

A slugabed is a person who overstays in bed past the usual or the required time.

Where can I find a good price on beds?

you can find good prices on bed at

Which shop in Chicago rents tanning beds?

An individual cannot rent a tanning bed. This also applies in Chicago. However, you can purchase your own tanning bed from a store like Wolff System's Tanning Bed Supply Store. If you want to be supervised during your tanning party then I suggest you rent out a tanning room for you and your friends at a salon.

Outdoor Beds?

form_title= Outdoor Beds form_header= Relax outside with outdoor beds. What size bed do you need?*= _ [50] What height do you want the bed?*= _ [50] How many beds do you need?*= {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, More than 5}

Do two twin beds put together equal a queen bed?

No. Two twin beds put together is the same size as a King-size bed.

Why a twin bed is called a twin?

Back in the old days there would be two single beds in a husband and wives bed room. Hence, twin beds.

How do platform beds differ from regular beds?

A regular bed usually has a set of box springs under the mattress. A platform bed just has slats supporting the mattress. Also, beds with box springs are also higher off of the ground than platform beds.

Why are bunk beds called bunk beds?

because the concept of bunk beds is that you are bunking with another person or even just another bed

What phobia is the fear of beds and going to bed?


Do bed bugs live in foam beds?

yes ,

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