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Luke wrote his Gospel prior to 62AD. Luke wrote his gospel before he wrote Acts. Acts is known to be written prior to 64AD.

Some people place the time of writing around A.D 56-58 before the death of Paul. Some say after Paul's death but before the sacking of Jerusalem around A.D.60-65
The most likely date for Luke is very early in the 60's of the first century.

Since nearly all agree that Luke must precede Acts in time, and Acts ends about a.d. 63 with Paul in Rome, a date before that is probable. The great fire of Rome and the persecution of Christians as Nero's scapegoats in a.d. 64 would surely have been mentioned by Luke if he was writing after these events.

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We can establish an approximate minimum date for when Luke's Gospel was written, by identifying the sources, since the book must have been written after the books Luke used as sources. The author makes it very clear, even in the first verse of Luke that he was not writing a first-hand account, nor one based on witnesses or friends, when he talks of what things "are most surely believed among us".

We know that both Matthew and Luke relied on Mark's Gospel for most of their information about the life of Jesus. Whenever they agree with Mark, the text is almost identical in Greek, somthing that could not happen unless one Gospel was being copied. We also have the "missing block", a short section of text that was obviously missing from the copy of Mark that Luke was using. Since we can say that Mark's Gospel was written approximately 70 CE, Luke's Gospel must have been written some time later. Internal clues indicate that Luke's Gospel must have been written somewhat later than Matthew's, so we can say that Matthew's Gospel would have been written no ealier than 80 CE, while Luke's Gospel was written no earlier than about 90 CE.

Luke's Gospel show evidence of borrowing material from the works of Josephus, a Jewish military leader and historian. Evidence that it contains material from Antiquities of the Jews, written in 93 CE, indicates that it was written some time after this date.

We know that Luke's Gospel was already regarded as a classic of Christian scriptures by the middle of the second century, so we also know that it could not have been written later than the early years of the century.

On the basis of this evidence, we can suggest that the Gospel According to St Luke was probably written in the late 90s of the first century, or quite early in the second century.

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Who wrote the gospel Matthew and luke?

The Gospel of Matthew was written by the Apostle Matthew, a former tax collector. The Gospel of Luke was written by the Apostle Luke, a physician.

What gospel was not written by an apostle?


Are the Gospels of Luke written from Mary's perspective?

No, the Gospel of Luke is not written from Mary's perspective. We can determine that Luke likely interviewed Mary when he was working on his book, because there are things the Luke includes in his Gospel that none of the other Gospel writers include. There are things that only Mary would have known and so the fact they are in Gospel of Luke, he had to have talked to Mary to learn them.

What books of the Bible were written by doctors?

The gospel of Luke and the book of Acts of the apostles, was written by Luke who was a physician.

A synoptic gospel written by a physician?

The book of Luke.

Who written the first gospel?

first it was Mark then it was Luke then it was Matthew then it was John Mark's gospel was written in 70 A.D. Luke's gospel was written in 75 A.D. Matthew's gospel was written in 85 A.D. John's gospel was written in 90-100 A.D.

What is the gospel to the gentiles?

According to one hypothesis, the Gospel of Luke was written as a gospel to the gentiles. The hypothesis was formulated to explain the pattern of similarities and differences found in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke.

Was the writer of Luke an eye-witness?

No. It is universally accepted that the author of Luke's Gospel was not an eyewitness to the life of Jesus. Some accept the traditional view that this gospel really was written by Luke; but Luke was only a companion of the apostle Paul, not a disciple of Jesus. Some accept that the second-century Church Fathers were mistaken in attributing this gospel to Luke, and that, because it was written many decades after the events it attempts to describe, it could not have been written by a contemporary of Jesus.

How many verses are in the Gospel of Luke?

There are 1151 verses in the Gospel of Luke.

Which one of the four New Testament Gospels according to Matthew Mark Luke and John is considered by biblical scholars to be the first one written?

Biblical scholars say that the first gospel to be written was the Gospel of Mark. The clear evidence of this is that the authors of both Matthew and Luke copied much of Mark's Gospel verbatim in the Greek language. They say that analysis shows that Mark is not copied from either Matthew or Luke, and that the author of Luke was not aware of Matthew's Gospel. Thus, Mark must have been written before Matthew and Luke. John's Gospel is believed to have been inspired by Luke's Gospel, with some material taken direct from Mark.

When was the gospel of Luke 15 written?

Probably somewhere around A.D. 65.

What are the words quoting Luke 25 verse 2 in the Gospel?

There are only 24 chapters in the Gospel of Luke

When was the third gospel written?

A:All the New Testament gospels were written anonymously and were only attributed to the apostles whose names they now bear later in the second century. The third gospel was attributed to Luke and so is now known as Luke's Gospel, or the Gospel of Luke. New Testament scholars have demonstrated that Luke was based substantially on Mark's Gospel, which was written approximately 70 CE, so of course Luke was written some time after Mark had been published and circulated. Lukemay also contain passages based on Antiquities of the Jews, published in 93 CE by the Jewish historian Josephus. Internal evidence also suggests this Gospel was written rather later than Matthew, which is dated to the 80s of the first century. The consensus of New Testament scholars is that the third gospel, Luke, was written in the 90s of the first century, or perhaps very early in the second century.

Did St Luke write his Gospel or the Acts of the Apostles first and when were they written?

The evidence is that Luke wrote the Gospel shortly before he wrote Acts of the Apostles. It seems clear thatActsuses quite a lot of material from Jewish Antiquities, published by Flavius Josephus in 93 CE, so would likely have been written some years after 93 CE. Because the author of John's Gospel used material from the Gospel of Luke, this means that Luke's Gospel can not have been written much later than the beginning of the second century.In summary, Luke appears to have written the Gospel before Acts, completing both some time between about 95 and 110 CE at the latest.

What are the two New Testament books believed to be written by Luke?

A:The third gospel, known as the Gospel of Luke, and Acts of the Apostles are two books traditionally thought to have been written by the physician Luke. Although biblical scholars no longer hold to this view, they continue for convenience to refer to the anonymous author of these works as 'Luke'.

What are the 4 Gospels in Christian Bible?

They are the Gospel of Matthew,Gospel of Mark,Gospel of Luke,and the Gospel of John.

Where in the gospel of Luke is Solomon mentioned?

Gospel of Luke 11:31 and 12:27

Who is Luke in the Gospel of Luke?

A:Luke is not actually mentioned in the gospel of Luke. Although originally anonymous, this gospel was attributed later in the second century to the apostle Luke, a physician and companion of St. Paul. Modern biblical scholars believe it very unlikely that the real author of Luke's Gospel was called Luke.

What is the longest Gospel?

Luke is the longest gospel.

Which book follows the Gospels?

The book of Acts (The Acts of the Apostles). It was written by Luke and the content flows with the gospel of Luke really well. The book of Acts is sometimes called the 5th gospel because of this.

What is the abbreviation used for Luke in the gospel?


Which gospel was written to inspire faith in Jesus but is not a synoptic gospel?

The gospel of John is not part of the Synoptic Gospels.The gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke are referred to as the Synoptic Gospels.

Gospel of Luke written by a Jew?

Christians believe Luke the physician wrote the Gospel of Luke as well as the Book of Acts. He is never identified by name, but it is clear from his use of "we" in many sections of Acts that he was a close companion of the Apostle Paul. Luke is the only person among Paul's colleagues who fits the profile of the author of these books. The earliest tradition of the church unanimously attributed this gospel to Luke. Luke was a Gentile.

Which gospel wrote for everyone?

The gospel of John. According to many commentators, the gospel of Matthew was written for the Jews, the gospels of Mark and Luke were written for the Gentiles, or non-Jews, and the gospel of John was written for everyone. However, practically speaking, all four gospels are for everyone to read!

Which two books of the Bible were written by a physician?

According to Colossians 4:14 ("Luke, the beloved physician, and Demas, greet you."), Luke the companion of Paul was a physician. This information should be treated with caution, as a majority of critical scholars believe that Colossians was not really written by Paul, but was written pseudepigraphically in the 70s of the first century - probably by someone who had never met Luke.According to a tradition originating later in the second century, the gospel now known as Luke's Gospel was written by Luke, as was Acts of the Apostles, according to the same tradition. However, the books were originally anonymous and were probably not written by Luke.In summary: Luke's Gospel and Acts of the Apostles were probably not really written by Luke, but even if they were, Luke may not have been a physician. However, these are the two books intended by the question.