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Hartford Insurance was founding in 1810 as the Hartford Fire Insurance Company. However, they have changed their name and base of operations since then.

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Q: When was the Hartford Insurance founded?
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When were the Hartford Hotels chain founded?

The Hartford Hotels chain were founded in 1810 in the Hartford, Connecticut area. The company has over twenty thousand employees in the Insurance industry.

When was the Hartford insurance company founded?

The company was founded in 1810, in the Connecticut city bearing the same name, as a fire insurance company. It managed to survive to this day, incorporating a wide variety of insurance coverage.

Where can you find information about Hartford insurance?

Hartford insurance has a website with information about the company and its products. You can also get information about Hartford from independent insurance agents.

Why is Hartford called the insurance city?

The first insurance company in the United States is based in Hartford, Connecticut. Hartford is called the insurance city as it is the "birthplace" of American insurance.

Where can someone find information about Hartford automobile insurance?

The Hartford Company offers a variety of insurance products including auto and property insurance. One can learn about Hartford insurance at the company's official website.

Who are some health insurance provider in Hartford CT?

There are many heath insurance providers in Hartford, Ct. These include companies such as Hartford HealthCare, Anthem and Health Insurance Connecticut.

What is the industry of Hartford?


What is the 5 digit auto insurance company code for Hartford in Florida?

What is the five digit insurance code for Hartford insurance in the state of Florida

What is Hartford Connecticut famous for?

Hartford Connecticut is primarily famous for being the Insurance capital of the United States. Many large insurance firms were founded in that city and many still have their headquarters there. It is also famous for Election Day Cake. (see related link below.)

How much is the average rate for the Hartford insurance?

The average rate for the Hartford insurance varies. Insurance rates vary on age, gender, and driving history. Idealy, you wold need to contact a Hartford insurance agent and get a free quote.

What type of insurance does Hartford deal with?

The Hartford Insurance Company deals with may different types of insurance, however their primary focus is that of life insurance for elderly people.

What is the rating for Hartford insurance compared to other insurance companies?

Hartford Insurance is highly rated compared to other insurance companies. They constantly score among the highest companies in the insurance business.

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