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When was the acoustic guitar invented?

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It is not exactly known who created the first acoustic guitar, but historians have speculated that an Italian named Gaetano Vinaccia was the one who created the first acoustic guitar in the year 1779. Spain's Antonia Torres Jurado is credited as the creator of the first classical guitar.

For steel string acoustic guitar, credit can be given to Christian Fredrick Martin (founder of C.F. Martin guitar co). Born in Germany in 1796 he was a cabinet maker by trade. He trained under Johan Stauffer a famous guitar maker of that day.

C.F. Martin migrated to the United States and established C.F. Martin Guitars here in 1833 in Nazareth, Pennsylvania. They invented the X-bracing system and the steel string guitar in the early 1900's. To this day, C.F. Martin remains a private, family owned business (current CEO, C.F. Martin IV) and their steel string guitars are regarded by many to be the best manufactured guitars in the world


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History of the acoustic guitar?

Here is where the acoustic guitar was invented and who invented it: Inventor:Antonio Torres Country it was invented in:Spain

When was the first acoustic guitar invented?

There have been many instruments considered to be the first acoustic guitar and there is no record stating exactly when it was invented. But some consider the true acoustic guitar was invented in 1779 in Naples.

When and where was the acoustic guitar invented?

at my house

Where was the acoustic guitar invented?


Where in Spain was the acoustic guitar invented?

In madrid

When was the acoustic guitar first invented?

The acoustic guitar is an instrument used in many different types of music. It was first invented in the late 12th century.

What year was the acoustic guitar invented?

maddy rojahn the guitar inventer.

Who is Alex Davies?

the man who invented the acoustic guitar

Who invented the acoustic electric guitar?

Ur mama

When was the first guitar?

The first (acoustic) guitar was invented on October 19th, 1562 in Spain.

Who invented acoustic guitars?

The earliest guitar was created by a Neapolitan man named Gaetano Vinaccia in 1979. In the 1850's Antonio Torres Jurado, from Spain, invented the acoustic guitar.

What makes an electro acoustic guitar different from a normal acoustic guitar?

An electro acoustic guitar is different from a normal acoustic guitar because it has a magnetic pickup built in. This lets the acoustic guitar make a sound like an electric guitar when you use it.

Who invented the electro-acoustic guitar?

This is not widely known, but Ovation was the first company to sell electro-acoustic guitars.

What was the first type of acoustic guitar invented?

As far as I remember, it was called a vihuela

What yeartwas the acoustic guitar invented?

The acoustic guitar wasn't "Invented" at any particular date but rather evolved into several different types (Classical,Spanish etc.) from other stringed instruments like the Lute and Banjo.

What is the difference between a acoustic guitar and an electric acoustic guitar?

An Electric Acoustic Guitar is an acoustic guitar with the addition of a pickup or transducer that enables plugging it in to an amplifier. Type your answer here...

How do you turn a acoustic guitar into an electric guitar?

To change an acoustic guitar into an Electric guitar, you w

What family is the acoustic guitar in?

The acoustic guitar is in the percussion family.

What is a classical acoustic guitar?

An acoustic guitar with nylon stings.

What is an acoustic electric guitar?

An acoustic/electric guitar is an acoustic guitar with a pickup or microphone inside the sound hole. You are able to plug the guitar into an acoustic guitar amp allowing you to play louder or with effects, change the sound of the guitar.

Is a Spanish guitar an acoustic guitar?

There is no "Spanish" guitar although a classical guitar is sometimes called a Spanish guitar. A classical guitar has nylon strings but an acoustic guitar has steel strings. There are many differences as well. So that, No, a Spanish or classical guitar is not an acoustic guitar. SongScouting: Sorry. There IS no Spanish guitar - but there WAS a Spanish guitar a few hundred years ago - which would make it acoustic. Also, my acoustic nylon strung "Folk guitar" is also called a "classical guitar". A guitar is acoustic or electric. An acoustic guitar can be nylon or steel strung.

What date was the acoustic guitar invented on?

This is not known. It can only be traced back to the 15th century.

When did the acoustic guitar originate?

The guitar's roots are in Spain. It was the Spaniard Antonio Torres invented it.

What happens if you fart in an acoustic guitar?

Your acoustic guitar smells of course........

How old is the acoustic guitar?

The acoustic guitar is over 5,000 old ,