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When was the cassette player invented?

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The cassette recorder was introduced by the Philips Corporation in 1963.

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Where was the cassette player invented?

Where was the cassete player invented? MATT

When was the cassette tape invented?

The cassette tape was invented by the phlips company in 1962

When did Japan's Sony Company invent the VCR?

The first ever video cassette player was invented in 1956. Sony released their first video cassette player in 1964.

What is the risk for my car cassette player "eating" my cassette tape?

This is depending on the year of the cassette player and the type of cassette player. However even though you get the best cassette player you will still run into the problem of a cassette being eaten.

What year was the cassette tape invented?

A cassette was invented in 1962. There were other forms of magnetic tape mad before this but none of them compared to the compact cassette.

When was the Cassette Deck invented?

The cassette deck was invented in 1962 by the Philips Corporation but it didn't get a patent until 1964.

Who invented audio cassettes?

who invented the audio cassette

When was the home stereo invented?

The home stereo was invented by the German-Brazilian Andreas Pavel in 1977. It was also known as the audio cassette player.

When was My Cassette Player created?

My Cassette Player was created on -20-04-03.

Who invented the cassette recorder?

The Phillips company introduced the "cassette Recorde" in 1963.

Is ''cassette'' a noun or adjtive?

The word cassette is a noun. I know that we use it as an adjective for things like cassette player, but that really means a player of cassettes.

How does the sound quality of a car cassette player compare to that of a CD player?

A CD player offers a superior sound then a cassette player in which the cassette player offers a low quality stero sound.

When was the video cassette invented?


What year was the cassette tape recorder invented?

Philips' development of the Compact Cassette in 1963.

Does a grand prix 2004 have a cassette player?

a 2004 Pontiac grand prix has a CD player not a cassette player.

Is there a cassette player with rechargable batteries?

Yes there are cassette player with rechargeable batteries. Even if you buy cassette player that runs on ordinary batteries, you can just replace it with rechargeable ones.

Who invented the first portable music player?

Sony in 1978 when they invented the Walkman `Soundabout`a potable audio cassette player capable of Hi-Fi stereo sound. Apple started in 2001?

What are cassette Walkman?

A cassette Walkman is a handheld music player which you put a cassette in and headphones in the listen to music.

How can you play audio cassette tapes in your car if there is no cassette player?

I suggest getting a portable cassette player and hook it up to a FM transmitter. However, it would be much less of a hassle to buy a different stereo for your car that has a cassette player.

Who invented the video cassette?

Charles Paulson

Who invented the first cassette tape?


Why was the cassette tape invented?

gary clark

When was Tapes Cassette invented?

In the early 1970s.

What is the best brand of jogging cassette player?

The best brand of a jogging cassette player is the Sony Walkman

How much would a cassette player for your car cost?

A normal quality car cassette player costs about $25. If you already have a cassette player, you can purchase a cable to connect it to your car's audio panel.