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Q: When was the costitution wrote?
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When did the costitution start?


What does the President pledge to protect?

The costitution

How many articles are in the costitution?


The man known as the father of the costitution is?

James Madison

Where in the costitution does it support a republic?

With 35 Moors and 27 Masons

What does Costitution mean?

It references the cost of tuition at a school or boarding house

What does the costitution do?

Gives people their rights to things such as the press, speech, and to vote

Was slavery permitted in the original costitution?

The answer is that it was not excluded. I will have to come back and change your question later but I will give you time to read the answer.

Why received law is source of law?

because some law are still use in tanzania example costitution of 1977

What is located at the beginning of the costitution?

At the begining of the Constitution is the Preamble, and in the Preamble the first three words are WE THE PEOPLE. I hope that answers your question.

What has the author Henry Maksoud written?

Henry Maksoud has written: 'Proposal for the Costitution of the Federative Republic of Brasil' -- subject(s): Constitutional conventions, Constitutional history

How did the constitution solve the problems of no power to tax?

The constitution solve the problems of no power to tax is by Shay's Rebellion. Shay's rebellion made the constitution felt that they are really weak and then they all decided that made a new Costitution that is started collecting tax.