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When was the dishwasher invented?


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Josephine Cochran invented the first dishwasher and patented it in 1886, but dishwashers didn't become popular with the public until the 1950s.

...joel houghton invented the first dishwasher in 1850 during the industrial revolution. cochran made an improved dishwasher that didnt take so much effort to wash dishes.


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Josephine Cochran invented the dishwasher

The first dishwasher was invented in Shelbyville, Illinois, and it was invented by Josephine was invented in (1839-1913).

Who invented the dishwasher since this day

Eric Fisher ,1953 was the first invented dishwasher although it was complex it still worked

Josephine Cochran because she invented the first dishwasher.

The first reliable mechanical dishwasher was made in 1887. It was manufactured by Josephine Cochrane. It was not until 1924 that the first modern dishwasher was invented.

The Walker Brothers invented the first electric dishwasher in 1913.

Shelbyville, Illinois See related question

Josephine Cochran invented the dishwasher.

They were washing the dishes by their hands.

joel houghton. josephine cochrane possibly invented the more reliable version.

to help busy people not have to wash dishes by hand

Sam Carl Wilier Rocks My Sock's and who invented laundry detergent was Harry Cole

The very first one was mechanical and was invented in 1850 in the U.S. The first electric one was invented in 1929 by Miele in Europe.

The automatic dishwasher was first created by Josephine Cochrane in the year 1886. She also founded a company which is now known as Kitchen Aid.

I'm pretty sure it wasn't invented yet...

The first automatic dishwasher that was used in homes and had most of the same features we have today was invented in 1924. The inventor of this dishwasher was William Howard Livens.

not from what i know all that i know is that she invented the dishwaser thats it

Most dishwasher fill valves are inside the casing of the dishwasher.Most dishwasher fill valves are inside the casing of the dishwasher.

I sure think so, i just bought one at and it is split into 2 dishwashers in one. Don't think they were first made like that. Mine is real up to date and does an awesome job. Yes, the dishwasher has changed. It changed in size and image. Go to to see the picture of the first dishwasher and the picture of the modern dishwasher.

Some common problems include: Why does my dishwasher not drain? Why does my dishwasher leak, and why does my dishwasher not dry.

As long as they are dishwasher safe, you can put them in the dishwasher.

a dishwasher is a washer of dishes

Dishwasher with drawers has actual drawers that are built into the dishwasher itself.

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