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The first hair dryer was made in 1920 but was very heavy almost like a vacuum cleaner it was not until 1920 when the first proper hair dryer was made.

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What did the first hair dryer look like?

what did the hair dryer look like first

When was the hair dryer invented?

the hair dryer was invented by Alexandre in 1890 but the first had held hair dryer was invented 1971.

Where was the first hair dryer made?

the first hairdryer was actually the vacuum cleaner. After that in 1920 was the first patented hair dryer which didn,t work well. Then in the 50's was the first properly working hairdryer.

Who made the first hair dryer?

it first showed up in the 1920's in the market. no one is still sure who has made this product at first.

Who made the first blow dryer?

The first model was created by Alexandre F. Godefoy in his salon in France. The handheld, household hair-dryer first appeared in 1920. A 1900

When was the first hair dryer invented?

The first hair dryer was invented in 1890 by a French stylist, Alexandre F. Godefrey. His hair dryer was a large, seated version that consisted of a bonnet attached to the chimney pipe of a gas stove. It was the first hood dryer, and it was run by power cord and hand crank.

When was the blow dryer invented?

1890 by a french woman-Alexandre F. Godefroy.the hair dryer was invented by Alexandre in 1890 but the first had held hair dryer was invented 1971.

What materials is a hair dryer made from?

Plastics, metals and ceramics.

What was the hair dryer device used for?

To dry wet hair...(Hint: HAIR DRYER)

Why is the case on a hair dryer made out of plastic?

because if it was made out of wood it would burn.

Does the hair dryer evaporate water?

Yes, this is the purpose of a hair dryer.

What were some Ben Franklin's scientific discoveries he made?

*the hair straightner*the Fonacal accossis*the Hair dryer*the Hair curler

What is a hair dryer used for?

a hair dryer is basically used to dry wet and damp hair!

What did the hair dryer allow people to do?

A little obvious, isn't it? Hair-DRYER. It drys your hair.

Why does your hair get straighter when you use a hair dryer?

The heat from the hair dryer acts like hair straightners i suppose?

How do you straighten the hair using the hair dryer?

Its really easy to straighten your hair with a hair-dryer. To straighten your hair using a hair-dryer you need to comb/brush your hair then get a hair-dryer and put the heat level on high for about 20 seconds whilst combing/brushing. Then turn the hair-dryer off and just your hair will be straight. It may be frizzy but for this you can use hairspray to flatten.

Can you use a blow dryer to straighten hair that is already dry?

Using a blow dryer to straight dry hair it doesn't work, in fact it would probably dry it out. I would first the comb the hair after washing it then pin half your hair up and work on straighten your hair the hair dryer. It might work or not but good luck.

Where was the first hair dryer invented?

Somewhere around or before 1917.

Can you melt a CD with a hair dryer?

No, not hot enough. If a hair dryer was that hot it would ruin your hair.

Where was the dryer invented?

Hair dryer: U.S. Clothes dryer: France

Who invented the hand held hair dryer?

Alexandre Godefoy was the inventor of the electric hair dryer, which was invented in 1890 The first hair dryer was the vacuum cleaner! Around the turn of the century, women dried their hair by connecting a hose to the exhaust of their vacuum cleaners. In early models, the front of a vacuum cleaner sucked air in, the back blew air out, and the hose could be attached to either end. In 1920, the first true hair dryer came on the market, but it was extremely large and heavy, and frequently overheated. Since then, thousands of patents have been issued for different hair dryer designs, but most of them only tweak the outside packaging of the hairdryer so that it looks more aesthetically appealing to you. Aside from the addition of some safety features, the inside of a hair dryer hasn't changed too much over the years. Not until 1951 was the first really workable dryer made. The device consisted of a hand-held dryer connected to a pink plastic bonnet fitted over the woman's head.

Can a jet engine be made using hair dryer?

Yes, as that is basically what a hairdryer is...

Which companies offer hair dryer repair?

My hair dryer is broken, but I don't want to buy a new one. Who offers a hair dryer repair service?

Who is the inventor of the hair dryer?

Alexandre Godefoy invented the electric hair dryer in 1890.

What is the better hair dryer the Rusk ionic or hana hair dryer?

rusk ionic

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