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Revolvers are not lever action firearms. Sorry- can you rephrase your question? Lever action firearms are most often rifles, rarely shotguns. A very few lever action pistols were made, but not revolvers.

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Q: When was the lever action revolver made?
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Did Marlin make a lever-action 30-06?

I can't find any indication that they made a 30-06 lever action. I can't find any indication that they made a 30-06 lever action.

Looking for 357 smithwesson lever action rifle?

S&W never made a lever action rifle.

When was the Victor 38 revolver made?

the 'victor double action' series of revolver were marketed as a direct competitor to Iver Johnson's u.s. revolver co. double action (1910-1935).

What is the mfg date of a Browning lever action 22 cal SN07589RT126?

Your browning lever action 22 was made in 1976.

What year was a Colt revolver made with serial number SA394846?

Serial number shows it is a single action revolver made someime after 1978.

What year was this gun made serial is 102582 model1903?

You have to give up a little more information than "1903". Manufacturer, type (pistol, rifle, shotgun), type of action (revolver, pump, lever action, bolt, etc) as a minimum are necessary.

What is the heart of the revolver?

The action is the heart of the revolver

What year was a colt single action revolver made with serial 91832?

about 1883

Can you shoot a 38 round out of a 44 magnum?

No, you cannot. The .38 Special can be fired out of .357 Magnum revolver (but not automatics or lever action rifles), however.

Did smith and Wesson make a double action model 547?

Smith and Wessons model 547 revolver is a double action revolver chambered in 9mm.these revolvers were made from 1980-1984.

What kind of gun did Matt Dillon carry?

He used a 1873 Colt Single Action Army revolver with a 7 1/2 inch barrel. The rifle was a 1892 Winchester lever action.

Which magazine to use on Belgian made 308 lever action?


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