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The Apollo 1 space capsule was invented in February of 1967.

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Q: When was the space capsule invented?
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Who invented the space capsule?

Krytsal Lachhman hahahahha

When was the first space capsule invented and who invented it?

i dot know report this to the comunnity instead of my stuff

Is there a space capsule on Mars?

If by a space capsule you mean a spacecraft that carried a person, the answer is no.

Why do astronauts float in a space capsule?

There is an absence of gravity within the space capsule.

What was the name of the Space Capsule that carried the first American to space?

It was called the Mercury capsule.

Who invented capsule endoscopy?


Which astronaut lost their space capsule?

The Astronaut that lost his space capsule was Gus Grissom. His capsule was the Liberty Bell 7, Part of NASA's Mercury project.

How many astronaunts were onboard each space capsule lanched during NASA's Gemini space pogram?

2 on each capsule 2 on each capsule

Who was the first person to fly in a mercury capsule?

The Mercury capsule went to space in 1961. Although the Soviets had put a person in space first, Alan Shepard was the first American to fly the Mercury capsule in space.

What is the name of the first space capsule in space?

I think it was Sputnik...

Did they find the space shuttle challengers capsule?

The Space Shuttle is not a capsule, it's a spacecraft. They found many pieces of the Challenger space shuttle, including the crew compartment.

What do engineers need to consider when designing a space capsule to protect an astronaut?

engineers ensure the space capsule had carry oxygen for ensure combustion

What place do astronauts live and work in space?

In a space capsule or in a space station (such as the ISS).

Who invented the first time capsule?

Dr. Thornwell Jacobs was the inventor of the first time capsule. He made the first time capsule in the year of 8113.

How would astronauts get to Neptune?

by using a space capsule

Who invented time capsule?

The most wonderful and imaginative gift ever invented! Parents, family andfriends fill Baby's Time Capsule with memorabilia, from baby's birth throug.

How many people were on the space capsule for nasa's Gemini space program?

Gemini refers to the constellation meaning twin, therefore two astronauts could be seated in the Gemini capsule

What was the name of john glenn's space capsule?

It was the friendship 7

What was the name of john glenns space capsule?

Friendship 7

What did Scott Carpenter do in space?

He took a ride in a Mercury capsule.

What was the name of John glenn space capsule?

Friendship 7

Is apollp 11 a rocket or space shuttle?

A rocket and capsule.

How many astronauts were on each space capsule during NASA's Gemini space program?


How did Neil Armstrong land on earth?

He returned to Earth in a space capsule that parachuted into the ocean, the capsule was then quickly recovered by the US Navy.

What is the meaning of capsule?

If fabricated a "capsule" is a small case or container which is usually round or cylindrical (eg a space rocket capsule or a capsule containing medicine). If natural, "capsule" refers to a tough sheath or membrane that encloses an organ or other structure in the body (eg a synovial joint).