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When was the system of democracy first introduced?

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The first type of democracy was a policy in ancient Athens, Greece. The "democracy" however was limited to male citizens and women were not involved. The "democratic" ideas that were born from ancient Athens are seen today in democratic nations where, however, there are various limitations based on practicality and common sense.

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The term of democracy was first introduced in ancient Athens. It meant that certain male citizens had a vote in the way Athens was governed. Modern day "democracies" are not the same, however, the idea that citizens vote for their governmental officials keeps the ancient Greek idea alive.

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Q: When was the system of democracy first introduced?
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Where was the sytem of democracy first introduced?

the first system was introduced in 1254

Where and when was the system of democracy first introduced?

Ancient Greece, around 500BC.

When was democracy introduced in India?

Democracy was first introduced in India in 1947.

Who introduced the system of ostracism?

Ostracism appears to first have been used by the Athenian democracy.

Where was the system of democracy first introduced?

Ancient Greece - particularly Athens - was where democracy was first introduced. All the male citizens of Athens could vote for their leaders. Although this did not include women or slaves, this was the bulk of the male population of the city. The word democracy, in fact, comes from Greek: Demos meaning people and kratia being the word for government.

Who introduced the worlds first democracy?

In Western society, the Ancient Greeks were the first people to formally apply democracy as a political system. The Mesopotamian, Phoenician, and Indian cultures first utilized a basic form of democracy, though.

System of democracy first introduced?

Democracy is a Greek term which means 'rule of people'. This system of government was first practiced by Greek city state of Athens. Athenians are believed to have established first democratic government in 508-507 BC.

Who introduced the first democracy?

Ancient Greeks.

Who introduced the world's first democracy?

south africa

Where was democracy first introduced?

Greece, around 500 B.C.

When system of democracy was introduced in Athens what did this mean who was was not allowed to vote?

The first democracy was a limited democracy introduced by Cleisthenes in 507 BCE after expulsion of the tyrant. Voting was limited to landowners. This democracy was replaced by an oligarchy to lead during the Persian War. A broader democracy of citizens was reintroduced byEphialtes in 461 BCE. He was assassinated and his deputy Pericles introduced radical democracy of all Athenian adult males in 444 BCE after expelling the competing landowner party in the assembly.

Who introduced the Athenian democracy?

cleithenes introduced democracy in ancient Athens

When did democracy introduced in India?

Democracy was introduced in 1950. It was the republic year of India.

Who introduced rationing system in India first?

Indians introduced it.

A system of democracy was introduced in athens. what did this mean?

This ment that women could not vot! only men!:)

Who came up with the idea of a vote?

Voting has been used as a feature of democracy since the 6th century BC. Voting was first used when democracy was introduced by the Athenian democracy.

What was Pericles contribution to the development of democracy?

He introduced direct democracy

How did democracy spread in Bhutan?

The 4th king of Bhutan introduced democracy.

What impact did Cleisthenes have on the democracy in Athens?

After removal of the tyrants, the oligarchs tried to sieze power again. Cleisthenes held them off and introduced the first democracy in Athens.

Where was the system of democrscy first introduced?

germany germany

What was William Penn's contribution?

He introduced some of the first concepts of democracy and religious freedom to the New World.

This civilization introduced the world to democracy?


Which country introduced democracy of the world?


When and in what country was the metric system first introduced?

Metric system was invented in France in 1799.

Who adapted the government of Athens?

First Cleisthenes introduced limited democracy in 508 BCE, this was extended by Ephialtes in 462 BCE, and developed into a radical democracy by Pericles in 444 BCE.