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When was the war airplane invented?


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The airplane use for the military just evolved based on the needs. When the airplane was very new, someone in the military decided that it would be a good platform to view the enemy forces. On 17 September 1908, Orville Wright took along as a passenger Army Lieutenant Thomas Selfridge for a demonstation flight and their plane crashed. Lt. Seldfridge became the first casualty of this new invention. That did not deter the Army. The U.S. Government bought its first airplane, a Wright Brothers biplane, on July 30, 1909. As the years passed by and the airplanes improved, more uses were found for them. Pilots began to drop small bombs by hand. Some used rifles or pistols to shoot at targets. By the time of World War 1 arrived in 1914 and 1915, airplanes were being fitted with special equipment such as guns, bomb racks and cameras for use by the military.



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