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When was yellow fever first discovered?

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humans didnt have writen records when yellow fever was first dicovered

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Who discovered that the cause of yellow fever was a virus carried by a mosquito?

Walter Reed discovered that yellow fever was a virus caused by a mosquito.

Who discovered yellow fever?

Walter Reed

Who proved that yellow fever is carried by mosquitoes?

Dr.Walter Reed discovered that yellow fever is carried by mosquitos

Who discovered the vaccine for yellow fever?

max theiler

How was yellow fever discovered by Walter reed?


When was the cause of Yellow Fever discovered in Cuba?

The cause of Yellow Fever was discovered in Cuba in 1900by Walter Reed and a team of scientists.--Joshua Ballance, grade 7

Did Carlos J Finlay discover the cure to yellow fever?

There is no cure for yellow fever once the disease is contracted. Carlos J. Finlay discovered the vaccination to prevent yellow fever.

Was yellow fever cured?

Yes,in the book yellow fever 1793 at the end it was cured by the first frost and yellow fever was over

What discovered the cause of yellow fever?

id assume a human,just throwin it out there

Which hispanic physician discovered that mosquitoes spread yellow fever?

Carlos Finlay.

Where was yellow fever started?

Yellow Fever was first started in Africa. Then from there it just started to spread. Hope that answers that.

When did Walter reed discovered?

When did he discovered? Do you mean what? He discovered Yellow Fever was transmitted by mosquitoes. And if you mean when did he discover it, then the answer you are looking for is he led a research team that discovered this in 1900.

Who first had the yellow fever?

Zach Zumlos

Who discovered that mosquitos spread yellow fever?

Its someone who was of hispanic heritage, you find out the rest.

What is the pathogen for yellow fever?

An yellow fever virus causes yellow fever.

How can you not get yellow fever?

where yellow fever is not there

Is coquillettidia fuscopennata the scientific name for yellow fever?

Not for yellow fever, but for Yellow fever virus. The pathogen that causes yellow fever.

Why is Walter reed famous?

Walter Reed was a US Army Physician who discovered that yellow fever is transmitted by mosquitoes rather than direct contact with those who have contracted yellow fever.

Is Yellow Fever or Jungle Yellow Fever deadlier?

totz jungle yellow fever

Is malarial the same as yellow fever?

Malaria is not same as yellow fever. Malaria is caused by protozoa. Yellow fever is caused by yellow fever virus.

Who was the first person to get yellow fever?

walter reed

Where and when was the first yellow fever epidemic?

Yucatan in 1648

Where were the first cases of yellow fever reported from?


When was the first outbreaks of yellow fever?

Yucatan, 1648

What is the scientific name for yellow fever?

The virus that causes yellow fever is known as "yellow fever virus" in the family Flaviviridae and the genus Flavivirus. The disease caused by yellow fever virus is known as yellow fever.