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When were African slaves transported to the New World?

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THEY WERE TRANSPORTED TO THE NEW WORLD IN THE 1600'S (DUMMIES)Actually, the earliest Africans to arrive in the"New World" were transported by the Portugese and Spanish as early as the first decades of the 1500's when they were purchased from Arab and Bedouin traders (in Africa)to be taken to colonies in the West Indies, South America (the area now known as Brazil) and to the Spanish held lands now known as Mexico. In fact, the first Africans brought to Jamestown (the first permanent English colony in the Americas) were actually removed from a Portugeses slave ship that was intercepted by an English privateer (aka: pirate) vessel on its way to the West Indies. AND, Africans were not the only people to be enslaved. Check your facts....if nothing else, look up 'slavery' on the will probably find more information than you want and you might even learn something. TRY THIS: {for a start}
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What was the approximate number of Aftican slaves transported to the New World?


What year did slaves first arrive in the new world from Africa?

The first African slaves arrived in Hispaniola in 1501.

What was the colony in the new world that received the largest number of African slaves?


What was the route of the Middle Passage?

It was the passage of African slaves from Africa to the new world.

Did African slaves usually enjoyed their trip from Africa to the New World?


Why did the spanish use African slaves in the new world?

Because they wanted them not their own type

Who were the two groups of people brought to the new world for free?

servants and African slaves.

Where were African slaves first brought to work?

The first African slaves used by Europeans were used by the Portuguese, on the island of Sao Tome, to grow sugarcane. The Spanish were the first to use African slaves in the Americas (in the Caribbean), and the first English colony to use African slaves was Jamestown, Virginia (which was the first English colony in the New World). However, long before Europeans used African slaves, the Africans had slaves who were African!

Who was the Spanish king who sent the first African slaves to the New World?

King Charles II

The majority of African slaves coming to the New World?

Were delivered to South America and the West Indies.

Spanish king who sent the first African slaves to the new world?

King Charles II

What religion were the African prior to coming to the new world as slaves?

(insert series of clicks and beeps)

What was the main reason the African slaves were brought to the new world?

To help the pioneers do work (for slavery).

How were slaves transported to be sold in the slave markets at Pensacola and new Orleans?

by boat

Who was the spanish monk that suggested that African slaves be brought to the new world to the new world to solve labor shortage?

Bartolome de las casas

When were African slaves first forcibly brought to the New World?

The first slave arrived in 1609.

Who was the European power that brought more African slaves to the new world than any other?


First spanish king to send slaves to new world?

King Charles II was the first spanish king to send African slaves to the Americas.

Who brought the first group of African slaves to the Americas nd Caribbean region?

the first African slaves in the New World were brought to Hispaniola in the early 16th century by their Spanish masters...Hope this helps :)

When was African slaves brought to the new world?

As early as 1550 the Spanish brought slaves to Mexico . It is estimated that 12 million people were enslaved and were part of the early economics of the New Worlds.

What is the African slave triangle?

Slaves were shipped from Africa to the New World to make products which were shipped to Europe, which in turn send ships to Africa for more slaves.

How is the middle passage related to the triangular trade?

The Middle Passage was the stage of the triangular trade in which millions of Africans[1]were shipped to the New World as part of the Atlantic slave trade. Ships departed Europe for African markets with manufactured goods, which were traded for purchased or kidnapped Africans, who were transported across the Atlantic as slaves; the slaves were then sold or traded for raw materials,[2]which would be transported back to Europe to complete the voyage.

Where in the New World were the majority of African slaves sent?

The majority were off-loaded in the Caribbean islands to work on the sugar plantations.

What New England colonies had African slaves?

they did but got them from trading

Who were the people brought to the new world in 1619 to be sold to settlers?

It was African slaves who were brought to the New World in 1619 to be sold to settlers. Specifically, they were brought to Jamestown, which was an English settlement in Virginia.

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