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When were Internet filters invented?

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internet filters were invented shortly after the invention of the World Wide Web in 1991. Filters are used to censure what a viewer can see on the internet.

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Internet filters are there for your protection !... Bypassing internet filters is HACKING - which is illegal ! We in the Wiki community will not help you break the law !

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J C R Licklider invented the internet.

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* Coffee Filters for some types of coffee preparation * Internet Filters to block access to some websites (used in schools & workplaces) * Photographic Filters can be used to change the photo taken slightly

Internet filtering products are essiential for organizations. In our company, they are using "WFilter Enterprise".

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J. C. R. Licklider and Robert Taylor invented the Internet and it was invented so people can have a purpose of using their computer.

There are many different web filters that can be used for different reasons. Web filters are highly popular with families that want to control the content their children are able to access on the computer. Many cable/internet providers offer a service that filters internet, as well as the cable. You can also purchase or download programs that do the same.

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