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Sometime in the first half of the 20th century.

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Q: When were TB Janney double barrel ten gauge shot guns made?
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Where were TB Janney double barrel ten gauge shot guns made?

No details about this name appear in any of the lists of trade names I have, but I suspect it was made by one of the Belgian firms circa 1890-1914, possibly for sale by Janney, Semple, Hill & Co of Minneapolis.

Are the 12 gauge and 20 gauge barrel compatible on the 12 gauge stock?

If you are speaking of the single or double barrel guns, you can change barrels. However, you should have a gunsmith look at the other barrel to make sure it fits properly, most of them need a little hand fitting.

What is the age and model of an Ithaca guns serial 242802 it is a 20 gauge double barrel?

It was made in 1914 and "probably" is a Flues model

What is value of a 20 gauge double barrel crescent shotgun?

$50-$150, depending on condition. Most were low dollar guns.

Can a Stevens double barrel 20 gauge side by side shot gun shoot slugs without damaging the barrel?

Most shot guns can handle deer slugs.

Are there any 12 gauge shot guns with 36 inch barrel?


Where can you get a picture or manual for a Ward Hercules Stevens double barrel 12 gauge?

Go to Numrich Gun Parts in google, they have online schematics for most guns.

Aubrey double barrel shot guns?

made in usa

Where can you find a forearm for 20 gauge and 410 double barrel shotguns?

Check the yellow pages for gunsmiths. you can find any and all parts for almost all guns at

What are some brands of double barrel shotguns?

Some brands of the double barrel shot guns includes, Stoeger, Remington and Winchester. The price for the double barrel shot gun can range from over $1000, depending on the collection.

Where can you get parts for Crescent shot guns?

You can get some double barrel parts from GUNPARTS. com

Where can you get a barrel for a 16 gauge browning?

Try,or guns america.Both these sites might have them listed under gun parts.

Who invented double barrel shotgun?

A Frenchman named Henri Double. His last name was pronounced 'Dooblay', so to be accurate you should always refer to double barrel shotguns as dooblay barreled guns.

What is a Elbur 20 gauge shotgun double barrel marixa worth?

Marixa is a Spanish brand. Elbur is probably Eibar, which is a town where a lot of Spanish guns are made. It could be worth several hundred dollars.

Can you shoot slugs with a Springfield 16 gauge double barrel?

If the Stevens double is a modern gun in good condition you can shoot slugs in it. Some double guns may tend to "cross shoot." You'll just have to try it and see. Keep the distance short, to 30 yards or so.

When were Hercules double barrel shotguns made?

The guns Hercules guns made by Stevens and sold by Wards were made around 1910 to 1940

What are the release dates for American Guns - 2011 Double Barrel Cannon His and Hers Revolvers 2-8?

American Guns - 2011 Double Barrel Cannon His and Hers Revolvers 2-8 was released on: USA: 27 June 2012

What is the value of a JL Galef and son 12 Gauge Side by side shotgun that was made in Spain?

I have a Single barrel Galef Made in Italy. Galef is the Opels of guns. The 2 barrel helps but dont expect half of what the Cadilac and Porsche of guns.

What is make of 16 gauge double barrel side by side markings pioneer jercar berney carron s ctienne?

It's a French shotgun. Verny Carron was the maker, the shotguns tend to be well made guns.

What is the value of a Stephens 20 gauge double barrel plastic stock shot gun?

For a good estimate, the year and model would be necessary. Guns like this typically go for $100-$400 depending on condition and features.

What is the age and value of a 12 gauge Ithaca hammerless double barrel serial 83806?

Made in 1903. Depending on condition it is probably worth around $350. You can look up and see what similar guns are selling for at auction.

Who made a 410 gauge single barrel with VOLUNTEER stamped on it serial A981277?

A 410 gauge, single barrel shotgun with Volunteer stamped on it and Serial number A981277 was made by the Volunteer Arms Company. They made guns for Belknap Hardware store in Louisville, Kentucky.

Richland arms 10 gauge model 711?

Richland model 711 10 gauge side-by-side double barrel shotguns were manufactured in Zabalay, Spain. Numerous 10 gauge side-by-side double barrel shotguns were made in Spain during the 1960's and 1970's. Generally speaking they were well built and provided yeoman service to then waterfowl & turkey hunters. Virtually all of these Spanish made double barrel 10 gauge guns of that period sported 32" barrels bored full (choke) and full (choke). Some were intrinsically more attractive than others - sporting bright receivers, double ebony sighting beads, 'blonde' stocks with ebony & ivory spacers on the pistol grip and recoil pad. The era of these guns ended with the advent of steel shot - which was discompatible with fixed full chokes. As a matter of note Spanish made 10 gauge double barrel shotguns resurfaced in the mid-to-late 1980's, this time as 'turkey hunter specials' featuring 26" barrels with screw-in chokes and parkerized finish.

What is the value of an old 12 gauge Eastern Arms Co double barrel shotgun serial al3761765?

Trade name used by J Stevens Arms Co on guns made for the catalog trade. Value would be below $250.

Where can you find information on a 12 gauge side by side double barrel shotgun with the word J R Evans on the side?

Made by C.G. Bonehill Birmingham England, Ca 1880. Decent guns, not British Best but not junk either.