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In England bayberry wax was refined for use in making candles. The earliest dipped candles were made of tallow. Not until the early 1800's was paraffin made to replace tallow as the main ingredient for candlemaking.
A form of candles were used in China as early as 300 BC. Professional candle makers began plying that trade in 13th century Europe.

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Who invented scented candles?

I think Gearges Bunnot who invented candles also invented the scented candles.

Why were candles invented?

candles were invented to light up the houses of the colonists

Who discover candles?

Someone invented candles

Where were candles invented?

The first candles were made by whale fat by the Chinese.

When were electronic candles invented?

they were invented in the 1990's.

Why are candles invented?

To shine a light in darkness.

What did they used before electricity was invented?


How did people get along before light bulbs were invented?

They used candles, lots & lots of candles.

Who invented flameless candles?

hmm..not me.. LOL =P

When were the first colored candles invented?

20th century

Did the Roman people invent torches?

No,they invented candles.

How did they see when it was dark before electricity was invented?

candles and fire torches

What year were candles invented?

The earliest known candles were made from whale fat in China during the Qin Dynasty in 221-206 BCE. The first scented candles were made in India from cinnamon.

Who invented white candles?

Keely Ersland, 17-year-old invented the first candle ever made. :)

What was Benjamin Franklin's contribution?

He basically invented electricity, and he invented the light bulb. If it weren't for him we would still be using candles.

Did the Tudors have electricity?

No they did not as electricity was not invented back then. They used candles or wood for light and heat. =)

Were people happy when light bulbs were invented?

yes because they didn't have to light candles anymore

What year were electric Christmas lights introduced as an alternative to candles?

in 1986 christmas lights were invented

What was done before the light bulb was invented?

Oil lamps where used. Candles were also used.

Why was the light bub invented?

They just needed electricity in their house because a lot of candles and lanterns started fire back then. So that's why they were invented

When was the candle invented?

The first candles were found in China around 200 BC, and were made from whale fat. Paraffin, which is the waxy substance used for candles today, was first distilled in 1830.

What was used before the light bulb was invented?

Candles. kerosine lamps, gas lamps were popular in cities

What did people use before the light bulb was invented?

People used candles made of animal fat.

What would happen if electricity wasn't invented?

we would proboly still have candles for light and we would be healthier

What is the collective noun for candles?

The collective nouns for candles are a pair of candles or a mint of candles.

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