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Google Earth and Google Maps share the same satellite image database and are updated together on the same cycle which is usually once or twice every month. Earlier the updates were every 60 days.

Bing Maps (formerly MS Virtual Earth) updates its maps roughly on a monthly basis. Other map services like Yahoo Maps should have a similar update schedule.

It takes months of post processing new imagery before they go online so updates don't happen faster.

Updates are announced to several Google Earth blogs. Google has also created a notification service from users can be e-mail notification when a particular area has been updated. See related links section for these URLs.

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Google Inc. Usually updates its digital maps yearly, including Google Earth and Google Maps.

Every 30 days a update is done.

if you search google in google, it will show you a bunch or results about the pages of google and its services and for sure the first thing will come up is the followed by google maps, google plus, google reader and other google services.

There are a number of online mapping services other than Google Maps. They include Microsoft Bing Maps, Yahoo Maps, Map Quest Maps, Via Michelin, Nokia Maps and Open Street Map.

Google Maps uses the same satellite data as Google Earth and updated together usually once or twice a month. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Google Both Google Earth and Google Maps are updated with bulk updates usually once or twice every month but NOT every area is updated on each update.

Google offers a wide variety of services to the developers of the Android. Among the many offered services are Google Maps, Google+, Google Analytics, and Google AdMob Ads.

"No, AAA maps is not part of the G map service. AAA maps is a not for profit service that provides mapping and other travel services to its members around the world."

if im not wrong, the maps on the iphone are streamed into the iphone using wifi/3g(internet access) from Google using their "Google Maps". so its updated if google updates their maps. thing is, is it possible to download/buy maps for the iphone so i dont have to stream google maps to use the gps?

Google Espana offers the same services that Google offers globally except the language used is Spanish. The services offered include maps, play, images, news, Gmail, calendar, drive services among many other.

The Google website offers many services, but is most known for having the most popular web engine on the planet. Their other services include email, maps, and social networking.

Yahoo Maps is a mapping service similar to Google Maps and MapQuest, but with some minor differences and some major ones. Unlike Google maps, Yahoo Maps does not have the immensely useful "Street View" feature but does show the weather of an area on the map.

The difference is simple - Google maps is designed to help you find places and get directions. Google map maker is like a wiki for Google maps - it lets you edit Google maps to make the data on it more accurate. You can use Google map maker to update marker locations, trace building outlines, mark roads, etc.

Google maps provides different features like satelitte view, street view, terrain view and other things like longitude and latitude. It also gives directions and landmark images.

Google provides many services such as Gmail where you receive or send emails to others, YouTube for watching videos online for free, Google Maps for a map of the world, and News and also a calender.

In 2006 Google Maps was updated to use the same satellite image database as Google Earth. Before that Google had to update and process imagery for both Google Earth and Google Maps where the maps where often out of sync with each other. Now Google updates its central map & imagery database and the updates are made available to both Google Earth and Google Maps at once. The time between getting imagery from satellite and seeing it on Google Maps is far from real-time. Once the imagery is taken by satellite, it takes time to process the data by a commercial provider like GeoEye before it is available to Google and other customers. Google will do additional processing to convert imagery into the format and coordinate system of its internal databases. This is one reason you normally won't find any imagery younger than about 6 months. For these reasons, the Google map & imagery database is updated once or twice a month.

Google updates its search system a couple times a year if not more, and its other services are also updated during every year. Check Google's website for information on the last update for each service.AdditionallyGoogle updates its search index every day so new web pages, images, and documents are being added all the time. In addition Google has other services such as Google Earth and Google Maps imagery, which has bulk updates every 2-3 weeks (but not all at once).

Google offers the same services in Persian as it does in English. Things like Gmail, Translate, Google Maps, Google Earth, Google Docs, Youtube are all available in Persian.

When Google updates it street view photos in its image database then these updates are made available to Google Maps and Google Earth.

No, according to Google Maps, there is no town or city called Update in New York State, or anywhere else in the world. is Google's website for its flag-ship search engine. The maps website is for Google Maps which provides lookup of addresses and cities on a map. Both are products and services provided by Google.

Google web services offer a multitude of services, including Google Maps, Gmail and web searches. All are compatible with all browsers currently operational, and are free, simple services that can be used by all.

If imagery for a given area in Google Maps is older than 2007 you must wait for an update in that area.If imagery is more recent than 2007 Google Maps doesn't provide a 'historical imagery' view as Google Earth does. In that case you have to download/install Google Earth to see old/historical imagery.

Google Maps is available worldwide letting you see structures and places up close as no other mapping system can. To access Google Maps in the United Kingdom, simply go to the Google Maps page and search for your query.

Google offers lots of services. Here are some:Web Browser (Google)Search of Scholarly articles (Google Scholar)Image search (Tab on the Google browser)Phone services (Google Voice)Document and storage services (Google Drive)Email (Gmail)Social sharing (G+)Web hosting (Google Sites)Calendar (Google Calendar)ContactsMaps (Google Maps)NewsAds (Adwords)Translation (Google Translate)Video (They own YouTube)Blogs (They own Blogger)And many more, current and past (rest in peace Google Wave).

Google created a new Map Maker web application (that supplements Google Maps) allowing users to create and submit new roads or correct errors in existing roads. See related link below for URL or simply just search Google Map Maker.

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