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well it depends.if people say that Philippines is a bad country your a filipino and well,im sure Japanese will Ryan higa (nigahiga).and all you people who hate Philippines Japan china and even Oceania and Africa stay out of those countries and continents!For your information usa is not the greatest country in the world. were all great. but if you don't agree and you think your country is the top number 1 country then sorry but.........................................................YOUR WRONG for goodness sake!I hope God agrees that we are very proud and to respect other countries.....i thank people that respect each and each of each other because he created everyone.bye. even animals by the way . TEEHEE

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Q: When will the Philippines be a first world country?
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Is the Philippines smallest country in the world?

No, the Philippines is not the smallest country in the world. In terms of land area, the smallest country is Vatican City. However, if considering population size, countries like Nauru and Tuvalu have smaller populations than the Philippines.

Theoretical analysis on culture of the Philippines as a third world country?

an theoretical analysis on culture of Philippines as a third world country

What is the dirtiest country in the world?

the Philippines

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Does the Philippines have most islands of any country in the world?

No. The Philippines are a collection of islands, but they are not the most in the world.

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Is Philippines is a 2nd world country?

No, the Philippines is not considered a 2nd world country. It is classified as a developing country or a third world country based on various socio-economic factors such as income levels, industrialization, and human development indices.

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Which is poorer India or Philippines?

India is counted among the developing nations of the world whereas Philippines is a third world country.