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The Fender Squier Stratocaster controller was released on March 1st, 2011.

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The Fender licensed instruments are for Rock Band. Guitar Hero used to have Gibson licensed instruments.

No, but they are very similar. The rock band 2 guitar has quieter buttons and is colored differentely, but it still has the Fender Stratocaster design.

NO! I am assuming you are using a REAL guitar. Real guitars do NOT work on Rock Band 3, or any video game like Rock Band or Guitar Hero. You HAVE to use one made specially for Rock Band.

No! You will need to have the model designed specifically for Rock Band 3. Other guitars without the touch detection in the neck or a way to interface with the xbox 360 will not work.

Rock Band does let you use the controller, but can only be used if you have a singer in the band.

As of Sept 24th 2010, they still haven't announced a price. At PAX 2010, a panel of people from the rock band team did say it would cost more than the normal squier strats without the new rock band hardware in it, but that they were trying to work with Fender to keep costs as low as possible. I hope its between $200 and $250.

No. Fender Stratocaster controllers (a.k.a. "Rock Band Guitars") WILL NOT function on Guitar Hero games for their respective systems as of May 2008. However, Gibson Les Paul or X-plorer controllers (a.k.a. "Guitar Hero Guitars") WILL function with Rock Band games on the Xbox 360 system and, in fact, are the preferred interface of most players due to the controllers' familiar and more responsive layout. The Gibson Les Paul "Guitar Hero" controller for the PS3 system will not function with Rock Band on the PS3. The Gibson SG "Guitar Hero" controller and its many variants may or may not function with Rock Band on the PS2.

yes you can play the beatles rock band with the xbox360 controller if you have an xbox and if your singing

No, the Rock Band Stratocaster is not compatible with Guitar Hero II or Guitar Hero III.

No, a PlayStation 3 Rock Band 2 controller will not work with the Xbox 360.

No a controller is not a Microphone and can not be one

No, the Rock Band Stratocaster will work with World Tour, Rock Band 2, Aerosmith, and Rock Band only. It will not work with Guitar Hero II or Guitar Hero III.

There is no "best" rock guitar but the two most famous rock guitars ever and most likely the most succsesful are the Fender Stratocaster and the Gibson Les Paul.

Controller... its not actually a rock band type game.

Unfortunately, no, a Rock Band guitar controller will not work for Guitar Hero games. However, a Guitar Hero guitar controller will work for Rock Band. You could also use the wire less Rock Band Guitar on Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

Fender and GibsonIt depends on the type of music being played, but for classic rock, it's got to be a Fender Stratocaster or a Gibson Les Paul. They both have that amazing classic sound.

You should be able to play GH3 with a Rock Band 2 guitar. Not the original Rock Band guitar controller.

No you can't, unless the Rock Band game is actually Rock Band 2.

Yes. I use my GH3 controller when I play Rock Band.

It all depends on YOU. Fender and Gibson are two completely different types of guitars for sound. If you are more into blues, jazz music then go for Fender stratocaster or telecaster and if you like rock, metal types defenently go for a Gibson sg or les paul. you will get people giving there opinion but its all down to you if your looking to buy either one go and test them down your local guitar shop. i have a fender jaguar because i like blues more then rock but Gibson are defenently one off the best for rock.

The PS3 controller is necessary to do the vocals, but you can play drums and guitars without having a PS3 controller.

Yeah you can use the GH I-III controllers as guitar and bass controllers in rock band. Although you can not use the Guitar Hero 1-3 guitar controllers on the PS3 console. You will need to buy the Rock Band guitar controller.

Yes it is but you might have to play with the controller

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