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If you have found your soulmate and you both truly love each other than you will never have to pretend to be happy...because you will always be happy.

HINT*-This is how you know you are in love...

*You fight just to make up...

*You get butterflys and dizzy everytime you kiss

*You are always thinking of each other

*And the biggest one of cant go to bed being mad at one another!

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What is a sentence with the word pretend?

I pretend to be interested in the conversation.I couldn't help but pretend to be happy for him.My daughter likes to play dress-up and pretend to be a doctor.

How do you pretend that am not hurting in a relationship?

always be cheerful and happy. don't show anyone that you are hurt but only to yourself. when you see the person who has hurt you, don't mind that person and just smile.

How do you manage to act like your happy when your not?

you smile alot, and just lie but if you are really not happy you should'nt pretend you do :)

What is a Positive relationship?

It is a relationship that makes you both happy!!

How do you get over a nightmare?

pretend your somewhere you like and there are loads of people there you like or just happy things. or pretend you have taken that nightmare out of your head and throw it out the window.

Do you have to get married to be happy?

no you do not have to be married to be happy but if you choose to at your own will but you can be in a relationship

What is an absolute relationship?

an absolute relationship is one you both are happy in

What if you are cheating on your boyfriend while he is cheating on you?

BREAK UP! Seriously, why are you both in a relationship if you can't be faithful?! Theres no point to this relationship just break up and be single, then you don't need to sneak around and pretend your both happy when your clearly not... Another view: I don't know, it seems like they're pretty well matched. Declare an open relationship and carry on.

What is a successful relationship?

a successful relationship is just being happy with who your with and what you have together... :D

Is it good to be in living relationship?

Yes, because it means you are in a healthy, happy relationship.

Why women pretend to forget someone they wanted to have a relationship with but were not responded back?

Cause women are like that.

What was the relationship between nobles and peasants?

they are happy.

Is Claude Giroux single?

No, he is in a happy relationship.

How can you be happy when you are in a relationship?

be ready to fall in love.

What is an example of ecological relationship in grassland biome?

i pretend to be an idoit like these other people it depends on my food...and the relationship with the ants and the hippos make a aelle.

What does a girl mean when she says she's a happy single?

It means she is happy with not being in a relationship.

Is Beyonce father happy with her relationship with jay z?

Well he has to be, so yes he's happy

How do you make a happy relationship?

It is either there or it is not there. A. Regardless of if it is there or not. A happy relationship, is a relationship that is built on honesty. YES honesty does play a part, but it is not the "ALL"... as said, it is either there or it is not there. He cheats behind her back and will confess to her what he has done = honesty..... Will that make the relationship "happy" i think not. Your above seems to come out of the mouth of a boy/girl who knows little of life.

Is it shallow of a person breaks up with their partner because of age?

The person breaking up with their partner because of an age difference should have known better than to get mixed up with someone younger or older than themselves. It is not shallow, but it will hurt the partner. You are better to be honest than pretend you are happy in the relationship, but be kind as to how you end the relationship.

Do they have a relationship?

Caitlin yes Issy no happy to help:)

Are there signs given when your boyfriend is not happy in the relationship?

Yes, there are.

What do you seek for in Relationship?

Someone that will always be there for me and make me happy.

What should i do if said that i had a boyfriend and i don't?

1.If possible you could pretend you never said that 2.Find one! 3.But if you're not allowed then pretend to be in a relationship with one of your guy friends that you can trust.

How long is Nick Jonas usually in a relationship?

It depends of the girl. If he is happy it could be a loooong relationship (:

What do you do if I am not happy in a relationship?

Answer If you're not happy in the relationship you need to question why and whether you should stay in the relationship or not. If you love the person and would like to work things out then you should talk to them in an attempt to make things better between you. If you are not in love with them there is really no reason to stay in the relationship.

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