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The accompanying documents to the summons should state what damages/restitiution the plaintiff/lender is seeking. Generally the vehicle is repossessed, sold at public auction and then the lender takes action to recover the remaining amount plus recovery fees and penalties owed on the loan. Although now, many states have enacted legislation that allows the lender to sue for the entire amount of the loan plus applicable costs rather than go to the expense and trouble of recovering the vehicle. This action has proved to be very advantageous for the lender who wins such a suit and very damaging for the borrower. It would be prudent for the borrower/defendant to obtain legal representation or at least legal advice on the matter.

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Q: When you are sued by the lender for default on a vehicle loan is the suit for monetary judgment or the return of the vehicle?
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Can a lender repo your vehicle if they are not the lienholder if they are not the lienholder on title A different lender is the actual lienholder Any recourse against me by the second lender?

Confusing, but there are a number of scenarios where this might be possible. First, if the lender is the lender on the vehicle, the ARE a lien holder. They may not have "perfected" the lien, that is registered it with the state, but that is an easy matter for them to rectify. Second, if they are not the lender on the vehicle, and there is no other lien holder, provided they have a judgment, the court may order the surrender or sale of other property to satisfy the debt and the judgment. Third, if you have two vehicles with the same lender, and you are defaulted on one but current on the other, the lender may choose to do what is called a"converson of collateral." If so, then the lender may repossess the vehicle you are current on due to the default on the other. They will take which ever vehicle is the esiest to recover in these situations.

In Maryland can a finance company repossess a vehicle that is 38 days in default?

Yes, the lender can recover the vehicle any time after the lending contract becomes in default.

Can your wages be garnished for the repossession of a vehicle in Louisiana?

If the lender decides to sue the borrower and wins a judgment, the judgment can be executed as a wage garnishment

Can a lien be placed on a house for voluntary repossession the state of Texas?

There are no legal differences between the borrower voluntarily relinquishing a vehicle or the lender having to initiate repossession action (with perhaps the exception of additional monetary charges). If an outstanding balance remains on the original loan amount after the vehicle is sold at public auction the lender can file suit to gain a judgment against the borrower for the amount still owed. If a judgment is awarded the judgment creditor may execute it according to the laws of the state. This being the case it is possible for a judgment holder to place a lien against real property owned by the judgment debtor.

Can a lender file Deficiency Judgment in Indiana?

Yes, a lender can file for a deficiency judgment in Indiana. The court has to approve the judgment in order to prosecute.

Is it illegal to repossess a vehicle in Texas?

No, not if the contract is in default. The lender/lienholder may repossess the vehicle under UCC laws as long as it can be accomplished without a breach of peace committed

Received a letter saying a car you no longer own is going to be taken as payment of debt you live in ny can they take current vehicle letter says judgment was filed 3 years ago have no knowledge of?

This is a relatively complicated matter, but if you sold the vehicle 3+ years ago, and no longer have any legal interest in the vehicle, but you failed to pay the outstanding balance on the loan, the lender has a legal right to the judgment against you. They cannot outright take any property of yours. They can garnish your wages, your bank accounts, and secure any monetary accounts you have. They can petition the court for the sale of other real property you have. If you have any other loans with this lender that are secured by collateral, they may convert that collateral and secure it to cover the outstanding judgment. They cannot legally secure the car from the other owner in New York state. It is a lien loss. The contract they have is with you. The vehicle no longer secures that contract. And, whether or not you have knowledge of the judgment, they can have it enforced. As you were not present when they secured it, it is a default judgment. Unless you can prove they did not take due dilligence in having you served (and good luck with that impossible feet), the judgment is legal and binding.

When can the lender resell a repossessed vehicle?

a lender can do as he/she pleases with the vehicle after 31 the state of Alabama

If you are making payments on your car can it be seized to pay a judgment?

Yes, if the vehicle is not protected by the state's exemption amount. If the judgment is not by the lender who holds the lien on said vehicle it is unlikely that the judgment debtor would engage in such action especially if there are other means of enforcing the judgment writ, such as garnishment of wages or levy of a bank account. I don't understand what is the exemption amount?

Who owns the vehicle if you are the primary on the vehicle loan?

The lender owns the vehicle until it is payed for by the lender. The Primary lender will own the vehicle once it is payed for. It also depends on whose name appears on the title.

Can a lender repossess a vehicle if you send less than the asked for monthly payment?

AS long as you are in DEFAULT on the contract, the lender can repo the collateral. Usually that also means have full coverage ins also. Read your contract again.

Repo question state of nm title co in Ca went into default due to economy am in oil and gas industry Laid off and unable to pay lender not on title as lienholder can they repo vehicle?

Simple answer: in the state of New Mexico, if you default on your vehicle loan, and are not able to bring the payments current, the lender has the right to take possession (to repossess) the vehicle. You can try to contact the lender and see if they will make some sort of arrangement. Unless you do this quickly, though, it is unlikely they will work with you, and you may be asked to surrender it voluntarily.

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