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Just because you may be truly in love with someone, there is no guarantee that they feel the same way about you. That's what we all hope for, but sometimes that may not be the case.


Unfortunately, no. That is not the case. You can be truly in love with someone who does not return those feelings or, any at all, for that matter. The only thing that you can do is move on even though it may be painful for a while. It happens all the time. There will be someone down the road who will return your love.

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Q: When you are truly in love does it mean that the person you are truly in love with is truly in love with you?
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What does it mean if you keep dreaming about the person you love?

it meand that you truly love that person

What do you do when your truly in love?

When I will be truly in love, I will be with the person I love. Love is about caring and respecting .

When someone tell you they love you and say your name do they mean it?

yes and no because if that person mean like friendship then no but if that person truly love you then yes

When do you say you love someone?

Well... it depends on the person. Don't say it to early but say it when you really truly mean it. I wish you the best! Say it when you feel it and truly mean it. In order to find true love, love on your own terms.

What do a person do if they truly do not love their husband?

Divorce them.

How do you get the one person you truly love to see that you love him?

ummm.... say it?

What does it mean when someone says that they love the person you are?

It means that he/she truly loves you and no matter how you are or how you look like, he/she loves you anyways.

When you dream about the person you love and you are not together what does it mean?

I know what this means. This person probably loves you too and he wants to go out with you. And you truly love him. You probably will be together some day. Good luck!

How do you knw that your in love?

If ur truly in love u wud do anything to be wit tht person. if ur truly in love u wudnt stop thinking about tht person. If ur truly in love u wud feel u wud die if tht person wud go away. If ur truly in love u wud always have a smile on ur face every time u see him or her . if ur truly in love u wudnt care wt all thy say. if ur truly in love wit tht person u wudnt give up no matter how hopeless it gets.. N my advice go for ur real feelins for tht person... Dnt give up if ur truly in love..

What does it mean to have a dream of kissing someone?

In my opinion, having a dream of kissing someone means this is the person you truly love, and maybe not just love, but have some type of connection to them.

What happens if you remarry the same person?

Its not weir at all it means you truly love that person

Should you keep calling a person that never calls you?

if u truly love that person, do.

Why is love before marriage?

Love is before marriage because you first have to learn to love the person. If you truly love them, then you can propose.

Who can be the best person or thing to love?

Yourself. You can never truly love another until you love yourself first.

What does it mean to say that love bears all things?

To bear something is to withstand it; to endure. If you truly love someone, you will endure whatever troubles may come your way with that person.

Should you stick with someone you truly do love?

Do you "truly love" someone who is abusing you or treating you badly? If the answer is yes, something is wrong with YOU, and you need to examine your reasons to stay with such a person who doesn't deserve your love.

What should you do if your love likes you too but he love somebody else truly?

if you hate the girl or boy, don't get all mean and be nasty to them. just let it go and find somebody else because they love your love TRULY and you're going to find somebody in life that you love truly.

If someone says they love you and you love them do you tell them?

Yes, if you truly love that person and you know that when they say they love you, they are being truthful, then you should tell them!

What does it mean for a person to sacrifice their own will for another?

well it only means that the person who is sacrificing his or her will is truly in love with the another person. it might be ur mom or dad or boy frnd or girlfrnd or any other person. but the intensity of love of that person who is sacrificing is too strong...

Why are brothers so mean?

They are not mean. That is a brothers way of showing love to you. Love him back :) not mine he truly hates me

Can you truly love someone?

Not until you truly love yourself

When was I Love You Truly created?

I Love You Truly was created in 1901.

What does it mean when finds it hard to express his love?

He Truly/Really Loves her.

What does the words mean love of wisdom mean in Greek?

Google translate will truly help you! =D

Can there be true love in an abusive relationship?

No. absolutely not. If you are being abused the person who is abusing you does not truly love you. the Abuser makes you feel responsible for his/her actions. therefore making you believe you are in love with that person.