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When you came home from work you found that your old dog 16 yr old schnauzer had vomited and had diahrea Both of these contained blood He is still experiencing diahrea Is this a process right before d?


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March 05, 2009 3:51PM

No. This is a sign of Pancreatitis. Take your schnauzer to the vet and see what the vet has to say about him. Put him on special dog food and if it doesn't get better within a few weeks or a month, you may need to put him down. This happened to my schnauzer and once we got her on special food, she is fine. Stop feeding him "people food" if you have been doing that. This may also be Parvo, which has been going all around the US for the past 3 months. And yes, it may be a sign of coming upon death because my Cocker Spaniel vomited blood and when he died he had blood in his stool.