There are three types of Schnauzer: Giant, Standard and Miniature. But each are just as charming and handsome as the next. They have the typical 'moustache' and bushy eyebrows which makes them look so grumpy although they are far from it! Learn more about this friendly breed of terrier in this category.

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It's not really recommended you do it yourself if you get the tooth/teeth in the wrong place the plate won't fit. Take the plate to your dentist for advice or go to a dental technician as many do repairs while you wait

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How tall do giant schnauzers grow?

Usually around 25 inches at the withers.

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How many sizes do schnauzers come in?

Three sizes: miniature (about a foot tall), standard (foot and a half tall) and giant (two feet tall).


How old should a mini schnauzer be to breed?

two years is perfect any younger and it is dangours and must be closly moneterd by a vet any older than 7 - 8 years and it is best to check it with a vet


How old is the oldest living miniature schnauzer?

My mams mini Schnauzer outlived her. Hes with my brother now and turned 18 yesterday. We are able to verify this


How do you pronounce Schnauzer?

The correct pronunciation of Schnauzer, is: Sh-now-zer.

My German friend tells me that "Schnauzer" also means "moustache" in German and that the z is pronounced like ts: Shhnow-tser.


How old do mini schnauzers stop growing?

Many tend to stop growing around 1 year of age, but they will always gain and lose weight.

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Do schnauzers bark a lot?

YES, they were 1 of the top 5 dogs that bark alot they were # 3 or 4 I forgot

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Miniature schnauzers and tooth loss?

This is normal. It will grow back soon. You cant tell when they are going to loose a tooth, it doesnt hurt them like it does humans.


What were schnauzers bred for?

They were bred for ratting or to catch rats and were also bred to be yard dogs or to just be outside


Do teacup yorkies and Miniature Schnauzer get along?

Well, i don't know exactly, but, i know for sure teacup Yorkie get along with giant schnauzers, i really don't see that much of a diff. between mini and giant, except the size, so probably yes, but then again minis are very crazy!! so mabye no, i dont know exactly, try asking people with minis or Yorkies

above is some else's answer, i just want add something because i just walked my mini downstairs and so happened we has funny encountering with a very cute teacup.

the teacup is 7 months, male; my mini is 6 month, female. The owners were a very nice couple, the lady was gentle and she taught hand signs to her teacup( sit; down;up; shake hands) he can perform all of them almost perfectly even when he was really nervous, which was the doing of my mini. However, teacup is not as good with humans as it with other dogs (or maybe just mine). They are smart, but seemingly insecure. they way it hides behind the nice lady's side was really cute. There is one teacup owned by a guy lived by the elevator, every time my mini passed by the unit, you could heard the teacup barked like crazy.

minis were indeed over-friendly and crazy in spirit. she basically befriended with all the dogs all has the ambition to do so. some of the dogs does not really enjoy that hospitality, the breeds we get along with are Chows bulldogs, pomeranians, huskies, golden retrievers, Basset hounds and a sort of hounds that looks like fox and poodles like her but she is not really into them; she likes shih tzu but they don't like her, they are too concerned about their hair.


What is the life span of a standard schnauzer?

up to ten years i think

I have owned 2 standard schnauzers in my lifetime. Depending on the breeding, and how you take care of them, they can live from 13-15 years.

My first standard schnauzer was from an exceptional bloodline and lasted 15.5 years and only had old age problems the last year and half of his life. He died of old age.

My second standard schnauzer was from a bad breeding, had hip joint problems (genetic), but persevered. The hip joint problem eventually caused knee joint problems (arthritis), then he developed bone cancer, broke his leg from the weight of his body, and we had to put him down because he was in such pain no pain medicine would help at 9 years old. He died last June and we really miss him.

Hope this answers your question about how long standard schnauzers live - 13-15 years. They are the standard of the breed.

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Will you lose more hair if you straighten your hair everyday?

Yes but if you condition or use spray everyday then no.


How many times a day do you walk your miniature schnauzer?

1-2 times a day. I got that from a book! Yay I can read! Sorry I'm kind of hyper!

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Do miniature schnauzers like swimming?

Some do, but most don't.... or won't. Many schnauzers detest water and only accept it if it is in their water bowl. Rain is a horrific event for many of them<G>

I will say that many years ago, my second schnauzer was at the lake with my family and she jumped out of the boat and into the lake, and my husband had to jump in to save her. After I arrived there, upon hearing this, I spent the rest of the weekend trying to teach that dog how to swim. It was an impossible task because, although she did sort of paddle with her front feet, she wouldn't with her back. She sort of evolved into bouncing through the water.... as her rear sank to the bottom and then pulled the rest of her down, she would push herself off to get back up to the top, get a breath, and then sink back down again. Thereafter, we kept her out of any boat, and she confined herself to just getting her toes wet as she walked along the beach.

One spring I was planting down by our pond which still had a small bit of ice on it. Peter, my then young and inexperienced hunting dog, was with me, and suddenly saw something on the far side of the pond he wanted to chase. He went sailing into that icy pond (undoubtedly thinking that the ice and surrounding water was solid) and went totally underwater. I stood there for an eternity of seconds, remembering Sass, and praying Peter wasn't like his great-great-great whatever grandmother as I contemplated having to dive into that icy pond to retrieve him. As Peter came up splashing and then slowly navigated to shore with my encouragement, I thanked God that at least that one had a bit of swimming instinct.

So to answer your question, each schnauzer must be taken on a case-by-case basis. If you go boating with yours, I would always make sure that it is always wearing a life vest, even if it does swim. They can get tired in the water, just as we do.



What is a schnauzer?

A schnauzer is an old German breed of dog sometimes used as guard dogs or police dogs and were sometimes used to hunt mice.

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How do you check if miniature schnauzer is overweight?

I can't say for sure, but my mini schnauzer is around 15 pounds and is overweight, I would say the ideal weight would be around 10-12 pounds, but to be certain I would ask your vet. Also, they say when a dog is their ideal weight you should be able to feel their ribs, not see them, but be able to feel them without have to dig around to find them.


Will your female in heat mini schnauzer accept any male?

== == Not necessarily! It's really up to the female. Some females are very particular, and some really won't care. I would say that the majority will accept most males as long as they are in the appropriate estrus phase. The female sometime seems more willing than the male in many cases! Many females just simply lift their tale when they know that their is a male around and breed to them anyway. My Shih-Tzu has a problem doing this.

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Should you get a second opinion before having cone biopsy?

A cone biopsy is only done after other tests have come back positive, so I don't think a second opinion is medically necessary. In order to practice as a doctor, all doctors have to have passed exams and be licensed to practice.

If your smears have show cancerous cells and you do not feel comfortable with your doctor it may be better for you to work with another doctor as it is likely that the treatment will be emotional for you and may last a long time.

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What does a samoyed schnauzer look like?

== == == == A Samoyed looks like a huge big white fluff ball... It can be pure white or mixed with cream or biscuit. Or it can be pure cream or (just mix those colors...) Samoyeds do not have blue eyes!

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Did George W. Bush have a Schnauzer?

The "First Dog," Barney, was a black Scottish Terrier.


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