When you change a battery on 1998 Plymouth Voyager how do you stop the AC and Recycle buttons from flashing?

The flashing lights are prompting you to do a calibration/cooldown test. I hope I get this right from memory. First you need to let the car run until it is at normal temperature. Then press and hold the rear wiper and washer buttons at the same time for about 5 secs (all the lights will then illuminate). After that test is done do the same thing by pressing and holding the a/c and recirc buttons for about 5 secs.

As long as you dont have any problems when each test is complete you should get alternately flashing lights on the two buttons you pushed to start the test. Once you are complete just turn the key off and back on to reset everything.

If my memory fails me then post back that it didnt work and I will get the correct procedure tomorrow when I get to work.

Hope this helps.