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Q: When you die will your dog become aggressive?
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What are the consequnces for dog fighting?

That the dog's could both either die or both become very aggressive and due to aggressive behaviour, could be put down as it may become aggressive to humans. Really isn't a bright idea and is illegal in some countries.

Can your dog become aggressive if it is going blind?

Yes it can but it is not nesscialary aggressive it mostly fear.

How you train your dog t0 be aggressive?

Bad Idea.... If you try to show your dog aggressiveness, it would generally become afraid. Plus, who wants an aggressive dog? Don't try to make a dog aggressive. It will become dog fights and might end up getting it (probably "him") killed.

Why is your dog aggressive?

A dog may be aggressive because it was abused in its youth. When a dog is abused (beaten, hit, tortured, etc.) it will become aggressive as a way in which to defend itself. Some aggressive dogs can be treated and re-trained by professionals. Some, however, cannot and are usually put to sleep.

Dog aggressive towards people?

It is depend if the dog sense any threat he will be aggresiive

Are dogos aggressive?

If not properly socialized, any breed of dog can become aggressive. Dogos were bred to be pack hunters and to be human-friendly.

What is a aggressive dog?

An aggressive dog can be any type of dog. It depends on how the owner treats it.

Can a female dog become aggressive with a pregnant dog?

ussaly females are docile to each other unless they are gaining territory

Female dog beating up male dog?

It is common for a female dog to become aggressive with a male, maybe because of lack of space or just wanting to be alone. Equally, if the male tries to mate with her and she doesnt want to, she will also become aggressive over that! Hope it helps :)

How can aggressive be used in a sentence?

The dog was aggressive.

Are Collie dogs aggressive dogs?

no dog is aggressive unless you make it aggressive. :-\ if you mean a border collie then it will only become aggressive if it is bored. if you are planning on getting a border collie make sure you have stuff to entertain it with.

What causes a dog to be aggressive to only certain dogs and what do you do?

Well. if your dog is aggressive to some dogs and not to others there are many reasons. First, the dog(s) your dog is aggressive to may be territorial aggressive, meaning that if you live near them then your neighbor's dog may think that the whole street is his territory and your dog is intruding, causing fights and barking. Also it could be something wrong with your dog. There are diseases that can make a dog too territorial aggressive and it can become a big problem. You should talk to your vet if your dog is too aggressive. And one last reason is your dog can have rabies. If your dog doesn't ahve his/her rabies shots then go to your local vet and have your dog vaccinated. I hope I helped with your problem! :D

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