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When you do a Ctrl Alt Del there are some processes that you do not have a clue about is there anywhere you can find out what they are?

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February 02, 2011 8:33AM


I'm not sure what kind of information you want, but here's an

overview. I will assume you're using Windows software.

When you "do" a Ctrl+Alt+Del, the task manager comes up. Here

are listed all the programs you are running at present. You will

also find these on the taskbar (the "start" bar, or "quick launch"

bar). In this window you may close them (one at a time) until you

have eliminated the program that is causing the problem (usually a

"lockup" or "freeze"). You can also do this from the taskbar. If

this doesn't help, it will probably be necessary to reboot. I have

found that most time when my machine locks up it is because I have

lost my connection. For more information on how computers work,

visit and click on "Computers." The experts there

can help you with any computer question.


there you can just se filenames, and nut program names .. for

example if you're running ms office word, you'll see msword.exe or

sth similar. try using the find option in win. explorer (or start

--> find) and search for the filename you see in the task

manager (try searching your whole computer, nut just the folder

you're in)


Try typing the file names into a search engine.


Go to and check out their task list.


Go to


Use a free program called Process Explorer. You can download it



You could also use System Mechanic to check what those precesses


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