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When you finish the Pokemon League lots of things will happen you got trapped on the ferry after getting on it and seeing Scott How do you get off the ferry?


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sleep in your bed 2times


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You finish the Pokemon league and get the national pokedex You finish the Pokemon league and get the national pokedex

No, there isn't. The legendary Pokemon for emerald is raquaza and that's it. when you finish the Pokemon league, you finish the game.

Many people think that after you beat the Pokemon league and your rival, you completed the game. To finish the game totally, get every Pokemon in the kanto and national pokedex and beat the Pokemon league. It's a real challenge!

in Rustboro City. finish the Pokemon League first ok?

you have to defeat the elite four and then the champion

go to the cave that only the Pokemon master can come in to. in their u find mewtwo

You can only get inside when you fight finish the Pokemon league .

go to undella and fight Cynthia or finish the pokedex

You get Beldum for free, from Steven after you finish the Pokemon League, go to Stevens house and the ball will be on the table.

all and you need to finish the league and have seen all Pokemon in the sinnoh dex

after you beat the Pokemon league you need to finish the pokedex and thengo and see prof. rowan in his lab, prof oak, will then give you the national pokedex

Once you enter the Pokemon league (The building and talked to the first elite four guy) You can't leave you just have to delete game and make a new one or finish the elite four.

once you finsh the sappfire game you can go lab and get the johto Pokemon to start the johto league now and train them to beat the johto league

Well you get it after you finish the Pokemon League and the normal dex then you have to go to him and he will talk to you and give you the radar

you first get to finish your sinnoh pokedex and then you go to pal park to get oaks letter then go to the rock near Pokemon league

Pokemon league (or if u did what i did, u can go beat red first then red.) if you did the Pokemon league then they would have more higher level Pokemon and other Pokemon from other regions. check serebii.net for more info about it.

Finish the game by getting the national pokedex. Then combee will appear!

you never really truly finish the game. but you would probably need to finish your national dex, beat the league, beat Cynthia, battle every trainer, and do all events involving Pokemon black (that inclueds the ones Pokemon.com hosts to.)

finish the Pokemon league and go to the spring path you will see a new cave go in the cave it changes so just wander

yes. after you finish the quests after the Pokemon league on fire red.

Go to the ferry in snowpoint city and play in the battle tower or get all the legends your choice

after you finish the last gym in Sunyshore city then go to route 223 and go to the league

after getting the national dex to get it finish the sinnoh dex and beat the Pokemon league pleas visit my site its about pokemons and new moon saga http://members.webs.com/MembersB/EditPage/index.jsp?pageID=153439657

Finish the pokedex and raise all ur Pokemon too the end..i guess. Also don't forget to visit white forest.

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