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This sounds like the rear differential requires an oil change. A groaning noise is generated by the limited slip discs when the oil has broken down after many miles and can no longer lubricate them properly. Honda recommends changing the diff oil every 48,000 miles or whenever you get this noise when making sharp turns. It is easy to change and took me less than 20 minutes. There are two plugs that have to be unscrewed on the diff. The bottom plug drains the oil and is then replaced. You then fill through the top plug until the oil begins to overflow. Then close this plug. the dealer will tell you how much oil is required. You MUST use the special Honda diff oil as it has a unique formulation. It's not very expensive either.

Pulling the steering wheel too hard can make a completely different "hissing" or chugging noise from under the hood. This is the Power Steering unit and is normal if you force the steering wheel.

A worn, front constant velocity (CV) joint will again make a completely different noise. It will make a clackety-clackety-clack noise.

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Q: When you make a sharp turn at low speed-like pulling in to a parking spot-you hear a grumbling sound in the front Is it your new tires or is something wrong?
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